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Movie Clip 1 for Samsung SC-MX20/25 SD Camcorder

Following is a movie clip 1 introducting Samsung's SC-MX20 and SC-MX25 SD camcorder.

Movie clip 1 for Samsung SC-MX20, SC-MX25 SD camcorder

Following is a movie clip 1 introducting Samsung's SC-MX20 and SC-MX25 SD camcorder.

Reviewed by Samsung YP-S2, the Pebble

The has reviewed Samsung YP-S2, the Pebble and rated well.

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Photo Reviewed by Popconet: Samsung YP-T10

Images of Samsung YP-T10 are posted below. Enoy!

Reviewed by Noteforum: Samsung YP-T10

YP-T10 LaFleur Preview

Wearing emotion!! – Purple design like Art Nouvear


The Samsung YP-10 La fleur, Art Nouvear purple design, stimulates user’s emotion with not only the design, but also 10 unique GUI designs.

It has great portability with 7.9mm thickness as a multimedia MP3 player. And with an earphone jack and the Bluetooth function, you can enjoy the high quality music as wire and wireless type.
This product has got a QVGA 2 inch TFT LCD to give users convenience and show video and image. And it provides better sound with DNSe 2.0.
Those who want distinguished design and high quality music will be satisfied with the Samsung YP-T10 La Fleur.


The Art Nouveau type purple party
By expressing Art Nouveau type pattern on the product it stimulates user’s emotion. And the wondering purple makes people have curiosity.
And the 7.9mm slim thickness, 43g light weight, the grip, and the slim and stylish design catch the eyes.


The T10 La Fleur’s own changeable GUI
Not only the external design, but also the 10 changeable GUI give another visual satisfaction.

QVGA 2 inch color TFT LCD
It has got a QVGA 2 inch color TFT LCD, so it gives a wide and clear screen. The image slide and video functions are provided.


Upgraded DNSe 2.0

Samsung’s own 3D surround DNSe has been upgraded for more vivid sound with more natural and bass strengthened sound.In contrast to the DNSe, it supports 10 kinds of preset EQ and user setting with new strengthened bass, 3D, Bass, and EQ.

Various Codec

The Samsung YP-T10 supports MP3, WMA, and OGG, and it means the compatibility of it is very good.


Featuring the Bluetooth 2.0
Advanced Bluetooth function is supported, so 2 bluetooth headset can be used at the same time.
Hard inserting the PIN code became easy as one click and max. 3 people (2 wireless, 1 wire) can enjoy music with one product.
Also, the Bluetooth function which was only for music now can be used to watch videos.


FM radio function
You can save your favorite frequency to listen.Auto preset can automatically store all frequencies from all FM band, so you don’t need to waste your time to search a frequency.

Long playing time
Internal lithium-polymer battery has been used. By one charge it can play up to 30 hours music, 4 hours video. It’s very convenient, because it uses 24 pin connector just like a cell phone.


USB 2.0
It supports USB 2.0, so you can transfer files faster, and can be used as a movable disk.

Reviewed by Chaehum: Samsungh YP-S2

Small & Light S2
Samsung Yepp makes ‘music is my life’ their slogan, and with various line up they have high market share in the Global digital audio player market. They are not only releasing various products, but also distinguishable products by making design so attractive.

In the palm!
The new necklace type YP-S2 is very small and light digital audio player, so the expression ‘in the palm’ is not enough to explain the size. This is NON-DISPLAY without LCD, so the playing and selecting songs depend on the hand not eyes.

Escaping from heavy portable product.
Actually, the YP-S2 is not the first one of this type. S7, Mplayer by iRiver and iPod Shuffle by APPLE already have been released, and popular. We can listen to music and see videos with PMP, mini PMP, and even a cell phone, so this type of product only having music playing can be ignored. But when commuting and exercising, it’s really a burden with the heavy things. That’s why the demand of sub players has been increasing.

Also, one more merit is that it can be used as a moveable disk with the space, because now more users want the product having a music function, not just a USB memory stick even the expensive price.

Small but convenient YP-S2

The best thing of the YP-S2 is the portability with the size and weight. As an MP3 player, it is used outside more than inside. But if an MP3 player has an LCD or speaker, it gets bigger and heavier, so it is not what it was. However, the YP-S2 is 42 X 42 X 16mm, so small and slim, and because it’s only 17.2g, you cannot feel its weight even though hanging on your neck.

The type of mini products can be malfunctioned, because of the small control part. But the YP-S2 uses most of the back side, so it is easy to adjust even by big hand or less sight users. Up-down-left-right are used to control volume and play, and there’s a play-pause button in the center. And there’s a function key to set ‘normal/random play’ at the right-bottom side of the control part.


Elegant design and various colors
If it’s small and light with poor design, it’s not different from cheap products made in China. However, the YP-S2 has a pebble shape, smooth body line, and glossy color, so it’s kind of a fashion accessory. It’s something like reminding of expensive jewel, and it has black, red, white, green, and purple 5 colors to satisfy various users’ taste.

LED showing the status

The design of the YP-S2 is finished with the various colorful LED. This LED is changing its color by the status. It is blue in normal play, while it is blinking blue-green-pink in random. When recharging, it shows red LED, and when it’s done, it changes to green.

Enough 1GB

It is divided with 2 type 1GB and 2GB by the capacity. It can be small compared to recent other MP3 players, but it’s really hard to find a song like before 10 songs without the LCD, so about 200 songs(1GB/ 5MB files) are not small to me.

If the product with large capacity is released, it will become a so-so product, because of the high price and the difficulty of file management.

Own earphone for style.

This necklace type YP-S2 has a unique bundle earphone. It’s the necklace version of EP-370 used in the YP-T10 and YP-P2. The EP-370 is a well balanced product, and the bass is very impressive.

It is fixed firmly by plugging a 3.5pi earphone terminal to the body, so you don’t need to worry about the loss. But it is fixed again with the clip behind the terminal, so it’s totally safe even with hard and long movement.

High quality sound with DNSe 2.0

DNSe is the abbreviation of ‘Digital Natural Sound Engine’. It’s the Samsung’s own EQ having great performance compared to other brand’s unlike at the first time. The YP-S2 uses the upgraded DNSe 2.0, so you can enjoy music with your own taste.

When pushing the function button beside the FF and volume down button, you can feel the EQ change, and 3D EQ can be used with the normal EQ, so it gives feeling like in the center of big place with only the earphone.

Normal or Random

The biggest fun of the YP-S2 not having the LCD is the random playing function. It can evade the boredom with the repetition of the same list, and also you can feel the ecstasy when suddenly the song you want to listen to comes out. Pushing the function button changing the EQ longer, it changes the playing mode with beep sound, and the changed playing mode can be checked at the LED.

Supporting USB 2.0

Like I said before, the YP-S2 can be used not only as a music player, but also a moveable disk. But, if the transfer is slow, it’s neither good to use the function, nor as a music player, because it takes long time to change music files.

The YP-S2 can transfer files with the speed of USB 2.0. Instead of inconvenient cables, it can be used with a small gender, and it can be recharged by connecting it to a computer without another recharger.

13 hours of playing time, and various type of music files

The YP-S2 can play not only the MP3, WMA, but also OGG recently used much. That’s why we call the YP-S2 a digital audio player not an MP3 player. But the 13 hours of playing time is changeable according to the file type.

Always the music friend YP-S2

The YP-S2 is a Non-Display type Digital Audio Player featuring the unique design and small size. The suitable functions, design, and price are mixed very well, so made great completion. If users are used to an LCD, the concept of the YP-S2 could be not familiar, but it’s the problem of the taste not the product itself. I hope to meet the necklace type YP-S2 much on the street.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Review by YMANIA: Samsung YP-S2

Let’s look at the new product S2 by Samsung.
I think it’s a competitor of the iPod shuffle leading the low price market. 
1. Specification

The most noticeable thing is its light weight – 17.2g. It’s lighter than the M player by iRiver(18g). Playing time is enough 13 hours.

Especially, it supports DNSe. The sound quality of DNSe from the tiny small is really good. Normal/Studio/Concert Hall types are included.

2. Design 
It is designed reminding a pebble at stream. It consists of the front with buttons and the smooth back chromium plated. 
In the front, playing button in the center, volume and FF/Rew buttons are located to control easily. There’s a ‘Smart Key’ button on the bottom, and it is used to set the equalizer (Normal/Studio/Concert Hall) and playing mode pushing it shortly for the equalizer, while longer for the playing mode.

The playing mode changes as below.
Repeat playing mode (Blue) – Changed with longer beep sound
Shuffle Mode (Green-Blue-Pink) – Changed with beep sound
Playing list mode(Pink) –Changed with beep sound

There’s a small hole under the earphone jack, and this fixes the S2 by connecting the hook of the earphone.

When turned on, it’s LED at the back. The surface is plated by chromium, so it’s hard to take a photo here.


3. Items
This consists of the body / USB adaptor / Necklace earphone / Install CD.

Peculiar thing is that it uses 3 poles earphone/USB adaptor to download and charge.

The EP370 is a necklace type earphone, so it’s not a burden to hang on the neck.

4. USB download speed 

We measured the download speed of the S2. It’s similar to the S5.(When it comes to writing, it’s worse. – 1.3MB/s) I know it has 1GB/2GB smaller capacity, but I hope they care about this.

5. Overall 

I recommend this small cute product to users who want to do exercise with listening to music, or felt a little burden using heavy MP3 players. Due to its lightness, it’s easy to have a prejudice, but when checking the sound quality with an earphone, you will realize it was a so big mistake. I hope this will be released with a reasonable price.