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I'm not sorry I bought a Samsung HMX-U10. However..

Here are the pros and cons of Samsung U10 camcorder.

Samsung HMX-U10

Here are my thoughts on Samsung’s HMX-U10 HD camcorder.


1. Cheap to buy - even with a 16 GB SD memory card (class 6 or greater required)

2. Well-made with a metal case

3. Available in a choice of snazzy colours

4. Connects to most TVs using the supplied component/composite cable

5. Standard tripod adapter provided

6. Software allows easy sharing of videos and photos on the Net

7. Affords an inexpensive way into full HD video (1920x1080)

8. Time-lapse recording possible

9. Far better than most mobile phones for filming/photographing babies, children and animals

10. Perfect for shirt pocket or handbag


1. Low-light performance at dusk and/or indoors is poor. Images are dark & grainy

2. Device is awkward to hold, even for someone with average hands & dexterity

3. Power adapter is small, very smooth and hard to remove from a wall socket. Awkward for gran.
4. No soft case supplied

5. No external mic input socket. So wind noise will always be intrusive. No headphone socket either.

6. Onboard software, which can be disabled, only works with Windows PCs. But since U10 behaves like a USB mass storage device, importing its MP4 files into any computer should be easy enough.

7. U10 is an NTSC-based (USA/Japan) video device. Although it outputs PAL fine to a UK TV, editing the NTSC MP4 files produced by the camcorder could be problematic depending on the computer software used. For example - if Corel Video Studio Pro X2 has been installed as a PAL application it will not import NTSC files. I have also yet to find a video editing package that can render out MP4 files with the same parameters as those produced by the U10. This means rendering out to different formats, which takes longer and is less satisfactory. Maybe not a problem for most users. But if you plan to edit the U10’s files on your PC it’s something you should be aware of. In addition, I need hardly mention that you’ll require a pretty powerful PC to view and edit HD video files, regardless of type (m2t/m2ts) or of which camcorder produced them.

In good light Samsung’s HMX-U10 is ideal for taking video clips and photographs, as keepsakes or for uploading raw to Youtube or Flickr etc. This is the product’s main purpose, which it fulfils well. When you also consider the unit’s solid construction, good backup support from Samsung UK and keen price, compared to the nearest competition (about forty quid less), U10 at once becomes irresistible - which is why I bought one.

But don’t expect this camcorder to shine in dim conditions - because it doesn’t. And be prepared for hassle when trying to edit those NTSC MP4 files on a computer.

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PMA 2010:Samsung booth Sneak view

Samsung Imaging is in here to cover PMA show 2010. Samsung boasts new cameras and camcorders with great features at PMA 2010

PMA 2010: NX10 staff interview

Here is a staff interview about Samsung NX10 camera at PMA 2010.

PMA 2010: Samsung Introduces Camera Lineup at PMA

Samsung boasts new cameras with great features at PMA 2010.
A more standard point and shoot camera, EX1(TL500) and WB2000(TL350) comes with 10MP and a 24mm lens and a 3″ AMOLED display. Special camera is waterproof WP10(AQ100) and lastly, ES73(SL605) with scratch-resistant.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Samsung PMA roundup: hands on HMX-U20, eyes on AQ100 and SL605

Samsung displayed U20 camcorder at PMA 2010. Here is a short information.
Samsung's curvaceous HMX-U20 was on display at PMA, but unfortunately one of its key selling points -- the optical 3x zoom -- was not working on the floor model.The picture itself was hard to see from the small LCD, so for now we're just gonna comment on the shape, which though unique and purported to be more ergonomic, to us seems like it'd be a pain in the pockets (of course, they didn't let us pocket it to find out, but we digress...). Also at the show were the waterproof AQ100 and scratch-resistant SL605, but unlike Sony's frosty setup, these weren't touchable. Don't let that stop you from enjoying the pictures below -- and don't forget our earlier hands-on impressions of the TL350 and TL500!

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Samsung OLED screen strongly tested! :)

Did you know that Samsung's flexible AM OLED is unbreakable?
This video is amazing!

This video shows you one of the reasons why you should be happy to have OLED screens on your future digial cameras…they are unbreakable!

Samsung adds five more lenses to NX system

Here are information about addional lens of NX10.

Samsung quietly introduced five more lenses for their upcoming NX interchangeable lens system at PMA -- and I should have my hands on the NX10 in a few weeks, by the way. Here is the current lens roadmap for the system:
  • F2.0, 30 mm pancake (available soon)
  • F3.5-5.6, 18 - 55 mm IS (available soon)
  • F4.0-5.6, 50 - 200 mm IS (available soon)
  • F3.5-5.6, 18 - 55 mm (cheaper version of above, coming first half 2010)
  • F3.5-5.6, 20 - 50 mm (second half 2010)
  • F2.8, 20 mm pancake (second half 2010)
  • F3.5-6.3, 18 - 200 mm IS (date TBD)
  • F2.8, 60 mm macro (date TBD)



The NX10’s Innovation Continues, With the Launch of Five New Lenses

Anaheim, CA (February 20, 2010) – Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader and award winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced several new additions to its groundbreaking NX system lens technology, to be released throughout 2010. The original line up of a standard zoom (18-55mm OIS / F3.5-5.6), tele zoom (50-200mm OIS / F4.0-5.6) and pancake lens (30mm / F2.0) launched with the Samsung NX10 during the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show, will be complemented by the introduction of five additional lenses through 2010. This will provide consumers with a total of eight potential lenses designed specifically for the Samsung NX camera system.

Samsung’s NX lenses have each been specifically designed to ensure that users get the most out of their photography experience. The NX system’s advanced intelligent lens technology means it does the capturing so users can do the creating, providing an enjoyable photography experience every time. The NX10 boasts a compact, sleek and lightweight design, and now thanks to its leading lens technology, users never need to miss a creative moment.

Consumer research carried out by Samsung revealed that camera users want convenient and easy-to-use features which guarantee value and creative freedom through innovative concepts. . Samsung’s intelligent lens technology ensures users’ needs are fulfilled through the highest picture quality, while enjoying the sleek, durable and portable compact camera body of the NX10 thanks to its mirror-less design. Building on the company’s strong heritage in performance and innovation, Samsung’s new lens technology is designed to meet the universal ease-of-use capabilities requested by users.

The eight Samsung NX lenses incorporate unique features and designs so that the images users produce are easy to create yet still of professional quality. The lenses have been developed to include specific benefits which respond directly to consumer needs and desires which were highlighted in the research.

Consumers reported that they wanted lenses which are small and convenient to carry, yet still stylish and iconic. In response to this, Samsung has created the compact zoom lens (20-50mm / F3.5-5.6), the wide pancake lens (20mm / F2.8) and the pancake lens (30mm / F2.0) – all of which give users a high level of optical performance without the bulk of other lenses on the market. These are ideal for consumers who want a lens they can take anywhere and everywhere that will complement the compact, sleek and stylish design of their NX10.

For consumers who are looking for specific qualities to their shots, be it capturing with a certain focus or depth of perspective, Samsung has released the tele zoom lens (50-200mm OIS / F4.0-5.6), the macro lens (60mm / F2.7) or two types of standard zoom lenses (18-55mm OIS / F3.5-5.6 and 18-55mm / F3.5-5.6). These lenses feature intuitive technology, are optimized for picture taking of a professional standard and are the ultimate in high-performance.

Finally, Samsung found that many people are looking for all-round quality and durability in a multi-purpose lens which can perform faultlessly in a number of functions. For this, the super zoom lens (18-200mm OIS / F3.5-6.3) is the perfect choice.

“We were inspired to create new lines of cameras and lenses that would change the way people think and feel about photography. This could only be achieved by ensuring all of the NX10’s components represented an intuitive and harmonious design and capabilities to meet the needs of our customers,” explained Mr. S J Park, CEO of Samsung Digital Imaging. “We know from our detailed research that what consumers want from their cameras is evolving – they’re looking for compact and stylish products of a high performance, while retaining a focus on value. We’ve reflected these demands throughout the development of our lens technology for the NX10 and forthcoming NX range.”

Mr. Park added, “Samsung has always been quick to implement cutting-edge technology, and the development of our lens technology ensures highest image quality is always within reach. Our continued commitment to improving the imaging experience of our users is a number one priority – we don’t want our users to just capture images but create their own unique stories. The Samsung NX10 represents a whole new category of digital cameras and the new offerings within our lens line up will ensure our users feel empowered to unleash their creative side and integrate camera technology into everyday life, in their own way.”


  • Pancake Lens - 30mm / F2
    (Jan 2010)
  • Standard Zoom Lens - 18-55mm / F3.5-5.6 OIS
    (Jan 2010)
  • Tele Zoom Lens - 50-200mm / F4-5.6 OIS
    (Jan 2010)
  • Standard Zoom Lens - 18-55mm / F3.5-5.6, Non OIS
    (H1 2010)
  • Compact Zoom Lens - 20-50mm / F3.5-5.6
    (H2 2010)
  • Wide Pancake Lens - 20mm / F2.8
    (2H 2010)
  • Super Zoom Lens - 18-200mm / F3.5-6.3 OIS
  • Macro Lens - 60mm / F2.8

* Lens spec and launching time are subject to change without notice.

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Samsung U10 - Greeting, Dollar Van Demos touched down!

Here are some video clips about Samsung U10 camcorder.

We’ve been selected to be a blogger for Samsung Imaging so these videos were shot with their amazing Samsung U10 HD-camcorder. We can show you guys Hi-Def short interviews with all of the artists we run into.

Here’s short interviews & announcements from everyone we meet. Made possible by Samsung Imaging.

First up, here’s some news from Kel spencer and Wordspit and Crosby.

@CROSBY-Clockwork Cros has Upcoming info & News

The youngest mayor of the Lower East Village tells us a little about his new website and plans for SXSW 2010.

His homepage is here:

@WORDSPIT-Wordspit discusses his new release ‘Coolest B-Boi Stance’

Emcee Wordspit from East New York Brooklyn discusses his new video ‘Poet’s Haiku’ off his latest release ‘Coolest B-Boi Stance’ and working with Cocoa Serai.

@KEL SPENCER- Kel Spencer ‘Freestyle’

Brooklyn emcee Kel Spencer entertains with a dope freestyle.

Follow him at

Movie uploaded from Samsung Intelli-studio. Thank you for watching!

Go meet dollar van demos on Youtube and DOLLAR VAN DEMOS.COM.

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PMA 2010 Overview

Here are more inages of NX10.

PMA 2010, The Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations, started on February 21 local time, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California.

With a total of 39 international companies, Samsung Digital Imaging participated in the show and displayed new products and services 2010.

Here are some pictures from the show below.

clip_image002[Samsung NX10 1/750sㅣf4.0 ㅣISO 80ㅣ4.3mm]

PMA 2010 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

clip_image004[Samsung NX10 1/25sㅣf2.0 ㅣISO 400ㅣ30.0mm]

The Billboard in the hall about Samsung’s new products.

SAM_0510 [Samsung NX10 1/40sㅣf3.5 ㅣISO 200ㅣ18.0mm]clip_image008

[Samsung NX10 1/45sㅣf2.0 ㅣISO 240ㅣ30.0mm]

Samsung’s booth. Full of blue colored Samsung’s symbol mark.

clip_image010[Samsung NX10 1/45sㅣf2.0 ㅣISO 160ㅣ30.0mm]

The huge billboard of the NX10

clip_image012[Samsung NX10 1/45sㅣf2.2 ㅣISO 100ㅣ30.0mm]


SAM_0531 [NX10 1/60sㅣf3.5 ㅣISO 100ㅣ30.0mm]

Comparison of NX10 APS-C and For Thirds Sensor’s Size

[NX10 1/50sㅣf2.8 ㅣISO 100ㅣ30.0mm]


SDC10995 [WB1000(TL320) 1/60sㅣf2.8 ㅣISO 80ㅣ4.3mm]


SDC10997 [WB1000(TL320) 1/45sㅣf2.8 ㅣISO 100ㅣ4.3mm]


SDC10987 [WB1000(TL320) 1/45sㅣf2.8 ㅣISO 100ㅣ4.3mm]

Introduction lenses from new products.

We will be back soon with the news of PMA 2010!

The way to go to PMA 2010 with Samsung NX10

Here are more images taken by Samsung NX10 camera.

[NX10 1/200 l F10.0 l ISO 100 l 30mm]

[NX10 1/180 l F10.0 l ISO 100 l 30mm]

[NX10 1/180 l F10.0 l ISO 100 l 30mm]

[NX10 1/320 l F5.6 l ISO 100 l 30mm]

[NX10 1/500 l F8.0 l ISO 100 l 30mm]

[NX10 1/400 l F6.7 l ISO 100 l 30mm]

[NX10 1/180 l F9.0 l ISO 100 l 30mm]

[NX10 1/180 l F9.0 l ISO 100 l 30mm]

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Samsung U10 Full HD pocket camcorder

Here is a review about Samsung U10 camcorder.

If you're in the market for a pocket camcorder look no further than the Samsung U10, a supremely stylish piece of technology capable of recording in incredible Full HD.

Thanks to the U10's ergonomic design shooting video, or taking stills via the integrated 10 megapixel camera, has never been easier.

Boasting 'Real Stereo' sound quality and a one-touch YouTube upload button you can be sharing class-leading footage in no time.

And with 1x optical zoon, 4x digital zoom and a 2.0" LCD screen the U10 is the full package when it comes to capturing and sharing video.

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NX10: New week, new things.

Here are some images taken by NX10 camera from a user.

New week, new things.
We love much more our daughter! Unfortunately we had to change her nickname from the Paresley to Piranha.
When she is hungry, try to eat the fingers, hands, pacifier, or a towel!


[Samsung NX10 1/45 ㅣf/2.0 ㅣISO 320ㅣ30mm]

I liked something else – pancakes!
I have written about this, but increasingly I like this lens.
It would be nice if Samsung has produced more lenses of this type. Or maybe the fish eye – it was just that fun!


[Samsung NX10 1/250 ㅣf/8.0 ㅣISO 100ㅣ30mm]


[Samsung NX10 1/200 ㅣf/9.0 ㅣISO 200ㅣ18mm]


[Samsung NX10 1/60 ㅣf/2.4 ㅣISO 100ㅣ30mm]


[Samsung NX10 1/50 ㅣf/2.0 ㅣISO 200ㅣ30mm]

Currently, I lack a little macro lens, but 30mm works quite well. This is due to the size of APS-C size image sensor. Picture can be cropped very nicely on your computer without losing quality. Of course, pancake performs very well in other conditions.


[Samsung NX10 1/50 ㅣf/2.0 ㅣISO 200ㅣ30mm]


[Samsung NX10 1/125 ㅣf/5.6 ㅣISO 100ㅣ30mm]


[Samsung NX10 1/60 ㅣf/3.2 ㅣISO 100ㅣ30mm]


[Samsung NX10 1/125 ㅣf/4.3 ㅣISO 100ㅣ30mm]

A few days ago, I lent my camera to the test. I borrowed the camera with lens 30mm – The Testers were very positive surprised by the new product of Samsung and admitted that a producer goes in the right direction!
Here link to review

[Samsung NX10 1/100 ㅣf/4.3 ㅣISO 200ㅣ30mm]


[Samsung NX10 1/50 ㅣf/2.0 ㅣISO 200ㅣ30mm]


[Samsung NX10 1/125 ㅣf/3.5 ㅣISO 200ㅣ30mm]

Yes I know this picture is terrible. Bored in my shop. The camera is small and situated in a larger pocket that I had it with me, so I made a pig’s feet.


[Samsung NX10 1/80 ㅣf/2.5 ㅣISO 200ㅣ30mm]

For today it all. Further information soon!

WB650(HZ35W) for your trip!

Here is information about Samsung WB650 (HZ35W) digital camera.

SamsungDigitalImaging has introduced high end compact camera WB650(HZ35W). The WB650(HZ35W) is a premium compact camera featuring a 15x optical zoom lens that starts at an ultrawide 24mm, a 3-inch AMOLED display, a GPS, and Map-Viewer.

The 12.2 mega-pixel WB650(HZ35W) offers the same wide-angle 24mm Schneider lenses as their predecessors, the WB550, but extend the telephoto capability of the range from a 10x optical zoom to an impressive 15x optical zoom with a 28mm thick compact camera body.
(WB550: 10x optical zoon, 36mm thick body)

The WB650(HZ35W) features an exceptional 3.0” AMOLED display which can easily be viewed outdoors and even in direct sunlight that suitable for outdoor activities and trip. This camera is also fitted with a GPS module to geotag your shots for easy identification when you load the images with a camera using Map-Viewer. Downloadable maps include the city information of more than 54 countries such as subway map. The Smart Filter enables to use lens effects such as the Vignetting filter, the Fish-eye filter, and the Miniature filter delivering creative pictures.

Samsung Marketing Manager said “The WB650(HZ35W) will be the best choice for the trip with a 15x optical zoom lens, AMOLED screen, GPS, Map-Viewer, Smart Filter and the Full Manual Control.”

For more information about WB650(HZ35W), please click here.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Samsung - U10 FlashCAM review

The posted a camcorder review about Samsung U10 camcorder.

Long gone are the days of having to lug around a hefty beast of a video camera. For the casual user who just wants videos fit for YouTube or needs a lightweight, portable device for taking on holiday, there are more options than ever before.

Flip has had a hold on the portable video market for some time now, offering consumers a way to snap up lovely HD footage on a dinky, pocket-size camera and upload to the Internet without the need for annoying cables or software. Back in April 2009 we gave the Flip Mino HD a very favourable review and were blown away by its simple functionality and superb performance, so we were interested to see whether the slightly more expensive Samsung U10 had anything more to offer.

Taking the Samsung U10 FlashCAM out of box, the first thing that strikes you is how unbelievably light it is. At first, we were rifling through the box thinking it still needed a battery inserting, but with an internal battery this is as light as a feather at a mere 95g: perfect for keeping the weight down when on the move. A slim and ergonomic body also means it's compact enough to tuck into a pocket without any bulk at all.

Similar to the Flip Mino, the Samsung U10 FlashCAM operates with touchscreen buttons. These controls are responsive and easy to operate, but with some of the icons marked on a brushed surface, we found it a little difficult to see what was what in low light conditions.

The Samsung U10 FlashCAM has a much larger LCD screen than the Flip Mino, measuring a generous 2-inches. This gives you a lot more scope to compose or preview your videos and is a welcomed design feature. Underneath this screen there are also dedicated buttons for accessing video recording, playback or stills capture. This is the U10's the most significant offering in comparison to the Flip: the opportunity to capture 10-megapixel JPEG photographs.

Unfortunately, after playing with the camera in a variety of different environments we came to the conclusion you have to think of the stills capture as an additional perk rather than a practical or indispensable feature. Because you don't have access to good focussing facilities, and the number of dedicated scene modes is limited, the reality is you can only press the photo button and hope for the best.

It shows in the results. There's no in-built flash on the Samsung U10 FlashCAM, which poses a problem if you want to shoot a photo in low light, but unfortunately all the photos we captured on the U10, even in bright daylight, were very disappointing. As well as finding it dreadfully difficult to get anything in focus, colours were washed out (we put this down to poor white balancing, but there's no way to adjust this) and lacking in life. The minimum focal length is also quite a long 1.3m so any macro footage on this device is out of the question. We would have also appreciated a feature to snapshot a stills photo whilst simultaneously capturing video, as this would have really made use of the camera's double function.

To test out the video capability we recorded footage in different set-ups with the Samsung U10 FlashCAM in one hand and the Flip Mino in the other. With the Flip Mino being the Samsung U10's obvious competitor we felt this was the best way to a fair contrast. Unfortunately, there was no competition. Whilst the Flip managed punchy, seamless footage and coped miraculously well in all lighting situations, the Samsung U10 FlashCAM struggled to keep up with the pace. We were disappointed that a lot of the U10 footage lacked the detail the Flip gave us, although it managed just as well with sound quality which was clear and crisp.

It was absolutely essential to use a higher speed SDHC card in order to make use of the HD quality video. Unlike the Flip the Samsung U10 FlashCAM doesn't have any internal memory and using a standard SD card meant playback often froze once uploaded to our computer. We didn't mind using a card too much though: one of the main drawbacks for internal memory storage is you're always worried about space. Here, as long as you have enough cards you can shoot away to your heart's content. Unfortunately, an SDHC card isn't included with the device so you would need to purchase one separately.

One Samsung U10 FlashCAM feature that did catch our attention was the Time Lapse recording function. This gives you the opportunity to set the camera to record for a fixed period of time (between 1 and 30 seconds) over a 24, 48 or 72 hour period. Just as long as you feel happy enough to leave your camera getting on with its job you can have great fun with entertaining and quirky time lapse footage. Of course, you will need to make sure the battery is topped up to the max so it doesn't cut your plans short, but there's also the possibility to thread the camera up to a tripod so you can capture steady and consistent footage.

The other creative movie option is slow motion video capture. However, the drop in quality of footage when in this mode is very apparent compared to the camera's HD capture, and it's just not enjoyable to watch at all.

One of the features we loved about the Flip Mino was the integrated pop-up USB stick that made it so easy to plug into a computer without the need for carrying around wires. Unfortunately, the Samsung U10 does need to use a USB cable so you would have to make sure you take this with you if you want to transfer footage to a laptop whilst you're on the move.

As with the Flip, the in-built software on the camera gives you plenty of options to share your captured footage online to sites such as YouTube or Flickr or to prepare your file for email. However, Mac users won't be happy as the software needed to do this is only compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

Samsung - U10 FlashCAM features - Verdict
Looking at the specs, the Samsung U10 FlashCAM sounds like a smashing gadget, pushing the boundaries by offering both video and photos from a model that can easily fit in your pocket. However, we were disappointed with the quality of both video and stills and didn't enjoy the fact that we had to mess around with cables. Shooting alongside the now-cheaper Flip Mino HD it was obvious that the U10 often struggled in more challenging conditions. We liked the idea of being able to capture stills from the same gadget, but with lacklustre photos you'd end up wanting to take a separate compact camera with you anyway.

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Samsungimaging Wins Two DIMA 2010 Innovative Digital Product Awards

Here is an information from PMA 2010 for Samsung digital camera.

Samsung Digital Imaging proudly announced that the Samsung NX10 and PL150(TL210) have, each, received a 2010 Innovative Digital Product Award from Digital Imaging Marketing Association (DIMA), at the preview event on February 20, 2010. Now in its 14th year, The Digital Imaging Marketing Association (DIMA) is calling for “HOT” product entries for its 14th annual DIMA Innovative Digital Product Awards. This “Best in Show” style award is given to the products and/or services that that make the product either distinct or first of their kind at the PMA.



“We are truly honored to have two of our latest camera models recognized by DIMA for their innovation,” said CEO of Samsung Digital Imaging. “These prestigious awards are a testament to Samsung’s ongoing dedication to lead the digital imaging industry by developing unique and innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of today’s consumers.”


I found some story about Samsung ST550 dual LCD camera.

Avatar Makeup Tutorial in 10 Seconds

Using Samsung PL150, a user made a video clip. It is for just a fun.
Here is the link:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Samsung HMX-U10 Compact Full HD Camcorder

Here is a short review about Samsung U10 camcorder.

Samsung HMX-U10 Compact Full HD Camcorder

Other than the SMX-K40 and SMX-K45, Samsung presents the HMX-U10 compact digital camcorder that is able to record 1920×1020 Full HD video. You may find the U10 Thanks to it’s 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor, the U10 can also capture 10 Megapixel still images.

You may consider the pocket-sized HMX-U10 as Samsung’s version of the Flip UltraHD camcorder. It has an ergonomic design and measures just 56mm x 103mm x 15.5mm and weighs just 95g. Samsung HMX-U10 has a 2-inch LCD display and a USB 2.0 port. It records in H.264 video format and offers One-Touch YouTueb upload button.

The pocket Full HD camcorder has no internal memory and but a SDHC memory card slot. It will be released in September 2009 for $199.99.

Samsung HMX-U10 Compact Full HD Camcorder front/back

Samsung HMX-U10 Compact Full HD Camcorder silver, red

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