Thursday, October 30, 2008

Video Clip of Teddy Bear Taken by Samsung HMX20C Digital Camcorder

Here is a video clip of Teddy Bear at a shop in Jeju island taken by Samsung HMX20C digital camcorder.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Slow Motion Vidoe Clip Taken by Samsung HMX20C Digital Camcorder

Here is another video clip of slow motion taken by Samsung HXM20C digital camcorder.

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Slow Motion Video Clip 1 taken by Samsung HMX20 digital camcorder

Here is a sampe of a slow motion video clip taken by a Samsung HMX20 digital camcorder.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

Samsung Digital Camera: VLUU NV100 HD

Samsung is releasing a compact type HD level digital camera, VLUU NV100 HD. NV100 is a HD level digital camera that can possible compete with a HD level digital camcorder. Nv100 supports 1280x720 resolution and video clip of 30 frames per seconc in the MP4 format. Audio recording is capable of streo. The maximum recording time is limited to 20 minutes per video clip. A zoom function can be also used during recording.

NV100 has a 14,700,000 resolution CCD and stores up to 4384x3288 resolutio pictures, ans also has the 28mm 3.6 optical zoom lenz. Major functions are face recogniion, smile sutter, eye blinking recognition, hand stablization, etc. The price would be about US$300.00.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Reviewed by CamcorderInfo: Samsung SC-MX20 Camcorder Review

The CamcorderInfo reviewed Samsung SC-MX20 digital camcorder.

Earlier this year, Samsung blew us away with the surprisingly strong performance of their high definition SC-HMX20. Over the years, we had grown accustomed to mediocre video from the Samsung line and the HMX20 gave us not just reason to pause, but to recommend a Samsung camcorder. Unfortunately, the surprising improvements we saw in the HMX20 didn't trickle down to the latest standard definition camcorder: the Samsung SC-MX20 (MSRP $229.00).The MX20 still sports the same 1/6-inch CCD sensor and 34x optical zoom lens as its predecessor, the Samsung SC-MX10. With poorly colored video in bright light and dark—and plenty of noise in any conditions—the MX20 can't keep up with the competition. What the MX20 does do well is provide a smooth experience for beginners and experienced videographers alike. The menus are streamlined, the manual controls are intuitive, and the swivel grip makes just holding the camcorder fun and easy.If you're looking for the best performance from a simple, standard definition camcorder, there are other places you can turn. If you're more interested in a seamless video experience from store shelf to YouTube, we have plenty of good news ahead...

The Front (6.0)The Samsung SC-MX20 has virtually the same physical design as its predecessor, the SC-MX10. As with all the recent Samsung camcorders, the front is entirely consumed by the lens—more so than with most camcorders. This time around, Samsung borrowed from the design of their own high definition line, placing the Schneider-Kreuznach lens in a more distinctive cylindrical housing, rather than blending it in with the body of the camcorder, as they did on the SC-MX10. The result is a classier-looking camcorder.

The SC-MX20's 34x optical lens has an aperture of f/1.6 - f/4.3 and a focal length of 2.3 - 78.2mm. This is all unchanged from last year's SC-MX10. Also unchanged from last year's model is the 30.5mm filter, a standard size for adding accessories like a telephoto or fisheye lens. On either side of the lens, you'll still find the built-in stereo microphone. This seems like a sensible place for the microphone, compared to the popular top-mounted microphones that are easily muffled by wandering pinkies.
Really, the only noteworthy new feature to this generation is the built-in lens cover that can be manually opened and closed. We prefer this to the separate lens cover of the MX10 or the automatic lens cover of the SC-HMX20. Lens caps can be lost and the delicate inner mechanics of an automatic enclosure can fail. The built-in manual lens cover is a positive new feature.

For more information please click the following link.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good Design Award: Samsung SC-HMX20C Digital Camcorder

Samsung received a 2008 Good Design Award as below.

2008 Good Design Award
Award Number :08C13076

General description :Memory Camcorder [VP-HMX20C]

Principal implementing business:Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Domain/Category :Communication devices/ Communication devices for personal use

Company(Nationality) :SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD (Korea)

For more information, please click the following link.

Monday, October 20, 2008

GITEX 2008

Samsung announced that Samsung is participating in the 'GITEX 2008' fair, the biggest IT fair in the Middle East and Africa held in Dubai, UAE during Oct 19 ~ 23, 2008.

Over 3,000 companies including Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, HP, and Epson all around 40 countries are participating in the GITEX 2008.

Samsung is presenting their advanced technology products. The front side of the Samsung booth is displayed with the 'Cristal Rose LCD TV Wall' concept.

Also, Samsung displayed 208cm (82inch) UD (Ultra Definition) LCD TV, 44.4mm ultra slim LCD TV, 'Armani TV', and other advanced technology products.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CODEC for SC-HMX20C, MX20C, MX20

For those who can not play video files recorded from Samsung SC-HMX20C/MX20C/MX20.
Please download the codec in the following link. It should work.

The Codec name is coreaacSetup.exe.;8432809;/fileinfo.html

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Review: Samsung SC-MX20C Digital Camcorder

Samsung SC-MX20 Camcorder Review

Samsung released a standard DVD quality digital camcorder, SC-MX20C. The resolution supported by the SC-MX20C camcorder is 720x480 with 60i. The design of SC-MX20C is pretty much similar to SC-HMX20C which is a Samsung’s high-end full HD camcorder supporting the 1920x1080 resolution. SC-MX20C looked heavy but actually was much lighter than its appearance. SC-MX20C should be a quite competitive product in its design, functionality and the price.

First of all, let’s find out what are included in the package.


The package includes the SC-MX20C camcorder, docking station, pouch, power adapter, USB cable, audio/video cables, CD and instruction manual.


Just like full HD camcorder SC-HMX20C, SC-MX20C has only a few buttons and the design looks so simple. It looks like a can of Coke, a cylinder shaped body.

MX20C is on the docking station.

The front side is full of 34x optical zoom lens and 1200x digital zoom which has a focal length of 2.3mm ~ 78.2mm and a 30mm filter diameter. As you can see, the built-in stereo microphones reside on the front.

The right side is composed of a leather hand strap which rotates 180 degrees downward from the main body. This swivel angle is enough to move the body to capture views.

The back side has the mode button that changes modes: camcorder, and playback. A record stop/start button is located slightly on the right side with the power switch located underneath.
When opening the cover on the back, there are three ports: audio/video connection, USB, and DC-in. The docking station has the same ports as well. You can either charge directly through the DC-in port or by using the docking station.

Along the bottom curve, there is a cover in which the removable battery and a SDHC/MMC+ memory card can be inserted.

The left side is the main part. When you open the LCD cover, you can see the 2.7” LCD with 16:9 wide. The LCD panel is composed of the record start/stop button. 4 way button with zoom in/out, and the menu button. The LCD cover also rotates 180 degrees upward and 90 degrees downward. On the main body side, you can also find the built-in speaker, an additional i.Check and brightness buttons.

The top side consists of the zoon in/out jog. The zoom in/out jog feels so soft when operating it. This would be one of the pros of this product.

The SC-MX20C package also includes a docking station where you can place the camcorder on it and which provides additional USB, charging, and Audio/Video component connections.


Optimized for High Quality Video

Samsung mentioned that Samsung focused on high video quality. Samsung developed a new platform called the 3D noise reduction technology for smooth video. Due to this, I think the recorded video quality seems to be clear and shows natural colors as possible.

Longer Recording Times with Samsung’s H.264 Technology

SC-HMX20C comes with 8GB of built-in memory. You can also use an external SDHC or MMCplus card for additional memory. I think 8GB of the built-in memory is enough. SC-MX20C’s H.264 enhances video quality and recording times significantly. In the “fine” mode, SC-MX20C camcorder can record up to 4 hours of footage using the built-in 8GB memory. In the “Super fine” mode, the recording time is a little over 3hours for 8GB memory. Since SC-MX20C with H.264 takes more than doubles the compression ratio, it takes less time to send video files via e-mail or upload them onto the Internet.

YouTube and iPod Friendly
The SC-MX20C features a unique shooting mode that allows users to select a resolution and format that is ideal for uploading videos to an iPod or YouTube. Unlike other camcorders, users can easily import the video to iTunes and play it on iPod or other personal media players supporting H.264 without having to transcode the files. By selecting the “Web&Mobile” mode, the camcorder’s resolution is automatically adjusted and optimized for use on iPod or YouTube.

Interval Recording

By selecting the “Interval REC” mode from the menu, I could take full advantage of the Interval Recording function for frame captures. This records over an extend period of time. I could see the effects of long term recording condensed into a shorter time frame. The following video clip shows a snail moving in a fishbowl. I took an interval recording with 1 frame per second. It is 12 second video clip recorded from a 6 minute long period.

Anti-Shake Image Stabilizer

Unstable hands can cause camcorder footage to be shaky and blurred. By setting “Anti-Shake” mode, I could realize the precision image stabilizing and could get clean and steady footage.

Face Detection Auto Focus

Unlike other conventional camcorders, SC-MX20C provides an advanced Face Detection Auto Focus function that targets the faces in the scene. Even the face is not in the center of the screen, faces appear naturally. The Face Detection allowed me to capture clearer and higher quality video clips.

Longer Battery Life

SC-MX20C has a battery of 850mAh capacity. I could use the camcorder about 3 hours. This should be a long battery life and enough for take the camcorder for a day.

Wind Cut

Once the “Wind Cut” mode is set, I could realize the recorded sound as if the wind sound was removed. However, the overall volume seemed to be lower when the “Wind Cut” mode was set.


Following is the product specification in general.

Signal Type: NTSC
Video Format: H.264
Audio Format: AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)
Image Sensor: 1/6” CCD
Lens: Schneider Kreuznach
F Number: F.1.6~4.3
Focal Length: f=2.3 ~ 78.2mm
Zoom: 34x Optical Zoom, 1200x Digital Zoom
Storage Media: 8GB built-in Flash Memory, SDHC/MMC+
Dimension: 125 x 60 x 60.5
Weight: 270gram

LCD Monitor
LCD Size/Pixels: 2.7”, 112K pixels
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Wide

Video Recording Spec
Recording Format: H.264
Recording Resolution: 720 x 480 / 60i
Recording Quality: Super Fine (190min.) /Fine (240min.) /Normal (310min.)
/ Web & Mobile (460min.)
Audio Format: AAC
Number of Channel: 2 Channels (Stereo)
Speaker: Yes (built-in)
Microphone: Yes (built-in)

IEEE1394: No
AV: Out Only

Capacity: 7.4V / 850mAh
Battery Time: 180min.

Easy to use and carry
Good design
Touch screen LCD (2.7” large LCD)
Ultimately quick start up
Good video quality of 720 x 480 resolution: DVD quality
8GB of built-in memory and 3 hours of battery life
34x video/camera optical zoom
Interval Recording

Does not support a still image capture.

Since SC-MX20C is a middle-end camcorder, I did not expect full HD quality like Samsung’s SC-HMX20C model. But the video quality of SC-MX20 is quite satisfied. It is easy to use and operate, and interval recording was quite interesting for me as well. 8GB of the built-in memory was enough to take video for a day with the provided battery. I do not think you would need additional external SDHC card. In general, I think that SC-MX20C would be one of the best middle-end camcorders in the world so far.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Review: Samsung YP-Q1 MP3 Player

Portable Digital MP3 Player Product Review: Samsung YP-Q1

Samsung is releasing another stylish MP3 player, YP-Q1.
The user interface of Q1 is pretty much similar to YP-P2 but Q1 is much thinner and stylish. One of the most dominant features of YP-Q1 would be the diamond style touch buttons. Let me explain this in the later part. Another great feature is a new version of Samsung’s sound effect, DNSe 3.0.

The Package

The gift package is a well designed tiny box. It includes the YP-Q1 player, data cable, EP-380 earphones, ear cushions, Samsung Media Studio installation CD and a warrantee card.

Stylish & Thin Design

Q1 looks as simple as possible. The 2.4” TFT QVGA LCD on the front side is large enough to browse files, watch video clips, read e-books and operate the various features. The right side has only one toggle button for the power on/off and hold features. The bottom side has a 24-pin port for data transfer and charging, and the earphone port. The backlight touch button on the front is one of the wonderful features. The surface is glossy and looks valuable.

The Attractive Backlight and Intelligent Touch Button

There are five buttons. The OK button is located in the center and the other four buttons are on the four corners with blue backlights.

Once I touched one of the touch buttons located on the front panel with my single finger, the blue backlight became dimmer slowly. Watching the backlight, I was under an illusion that I pressed the actual button. The illusion was quite impressive. I think that Samsung did a good job on this and that MP3 player is getting intelligent. If you have any chance to see Q1, hope you get the same feeling by pressing buttons.

Easy-to-Use User Interface

Currently, the menu has two types: Matrix and My Skin. I prefer the Matrix type which is much easier to navigate. All the functions of Q1 can start from this main menu.

DNSe 3.0 Support

The previous MP3 players from Samsung provided the DNSe 2.0 sound effect. However, Q1 is the first MP3 player that adapted Samsung’s newly improved DNSe 3.0 sound effect. Samsung has mentioned that DNSe 3.0 tried to recover the original sound quality as much as possible. During an encoding process to make an MP3 file from an audio CD, the sound quality reduced in most case. In order to recover the lost sound quality to as much as the original sound quality, Samsung developed DNSe 3.0. The picture above is the sound effect menu to enjoy the DNSe 3.0 feature.

Music Menu

Q1 displays lyrics of music files. Using the EmoDio software, lyrics can be added to a music file. Then the edited lyrics are displayed while listening to the music.

Picture Menu

I took some pictures of my parrots and downloaded to Q1. Through the Picture menu, I could enjoy watching the images of my cute birds.

Video Support

Using the Samsung’s music management software called “EmoDio”, video files are automatically converted to SVI format, the Samsung’s video file format for Q1, to watch video from Q1.

Text and Datacast Support

Text and Datacast are very useful features. I downloaded some text files into the Q1’s text folder. Then, I could easily read the file everywhere. Even, I did not have to carry a heavy book to read. Using Samsung Media Studio, the Datacast feature automatically received my interested and updated news from the web, Blog, news, and UCC sites without having you to visit the sites. I could enjoy reading the updated information through Q1 instead of reading the actual newspapers. Both the Text and Datacast features are great for reading books and news. The text can be displayed vertically or horizontally. Also, you can set the “Music On” to listen to the music while reading the text.

Prime Pack

The Prime Pack consists of Voice Recording, Games and Subway.
Voice recordings and playing games are provided in this Prime Pack menu. The voice recording has become a default feature among MP3 players. We can record lectures at school and important messages in voice as well. Playing games is one of the useful features while I am taking a rest. Q1 provides worldwide subway maps. The picture above is a subway map of New York city. Sometimes, it is helpful when taking a subway.

FM Radio

I always listen to FM radio, the auto scanning and preset mode is convenient to get my favorite channel. I could also record a song while I was listening to an FM channel.

Audio Format: MPEG1/2/2.5 Layer 3 (9kbps~320kbps, 22KHz~48KHz)
WMA (8kbps~320kbps, 8KHz~48KHz)
OGG (Q1~Q10)
Video Format: SVI (Video: MPEG4 Simple Profile,
Audio: MP3 (CBR 44.1KHz, 16bit Stereo, 128kbps)),
WMV9 (Video: WMV9 Simple Profile, Audio: WMA (Max 860kbps),
Resolution: 320x240, Frame Rate: 30fps)
Image Format: JPG (ISO/IEC 10918-1 / Annex F-Sequential DCT-Based mode of operation)
Number of Files: Folders: Max. 1,000
Files: Max 6,000 (including folders)
Color: Black/White/Silver
Memory: 4GB/8GB/16GB
Earphone: 20mW/Ch. (at 16 ohm)
Frequency Range: 40Hz~20KHz
Noise to Ratio: 90dB
Playback Time: Audio: 25Hrs (at 128kbps, volume at 15, LCD off, and normal sound effect)
Video: 4Hrs (brightness at 5, volume at 15, and normal sound effect)
Weight: 61gram
Dimension (WxDxH): 51mm x 98mm x 10.9mm
FM Frequency: 87.5~108.0MHz
Battery Type: 620mAh / DC 3.7V

Intelligent touch button with backlight: Make us feel as if I press the actual button.
Wonderful DNSe 3.0 sound quality
Advanced Multimedia Technology: Allow users to listen to music and FM radio, view the music lyric, pictures and text, play video files.
Wide color 2.4” TFT LCD screen: The wide screen displays as many as information colorfully.
Stylish & modern design: very thin and compact, vivid color & nice finish
Rounding design on the edge provides a convenient grip feeling
Long playback time
FM recording and Datacast features
Future firmware upgrades for improving functionality

No touch screen: But it is OK since the intelligent touch button is enough to browse the menu.

Although Q1 does not support DMB, Bluetooth, and touch pad screen, Q1 is another masterpiece that focused on the multimedia device functionality. The design is wonderful, the LED backlight for the touch buttons is attractive, and other features like video, games, FM radio recording, and text viewer are definitely necessary.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Review: YP-Q1 at IFA 2008

YP-Q1 is displayed at IFA 2008. Here is a video clip explaining Q1.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Review: Samsung YP-S3 Caught On Video

A video clip explaining YP-S3 is here from alter egos at Tech Digest.

alter egos at Tech Digest just scored a video hands-on with Samsung's new YP-S3 MP3 player. The iPod nano rival should be out this June and is quite similar to its Cupertino competition, with a screen only 0.2-inches smaller and comparable music, photo and video playback abilities. The Samsung adds a built-in FM radio and a 2GB option to accompany the usual 4GB and 8GB models.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Article: Samsung Camcorders Posibility at Photokina 2008

There are Samsung camoders potentialities at Photokina 2008.

The Chosun Ilbo, one of the major newspaper posted the following article.

While DSLR cameras have video functions built-in, the mjor issue of the Photokina 2008 fair has been the video. Many major companies focused on the camcorder booth as well as digital cameras. And customers were interesed in the camcorder products as video related-products had been demended by users as time passed.

Specially, in case of Samsung booth, most users were interested in camcorder products a lot. This would be probably the dominet functions and its potential product line-ups of camcorders like full HD & SD level, slow motion, u-tube compatible, interval recordeing, and other powerful features.

While Samsung's competitors fucused on only demonstraion of camcorders, Samsung focused on various practical uses that Samsung camcorders could be connected with Internet wireless transfer, projector and HDTV.

At the test area in the middle of the Samsung booth, many participants are experiencing Samsung camcorders.

Simply, I was wondering what position in the world would take the Samsung camcorder. But I found at Photokina that Samsung camcorders had posibilities that could grow in the future as one of the best in the world. Good luck to Samsung camcorder!