Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Following is a video sample of HMX-Q10 camcorder.


Following is a video sample of HMX-H300 camera.

Beauty studio, easy way for a better-looking you! (Samsung ES9)

Following is a review of Samsung ES9 camera.

Samsung ST95 16MP Digital Camera Video Test

Following is a video sample of Samsung ST95 camera.

Samsung NX10 for Sport: Jarrad Howse

Following is a video clip about Samsung NX10 camera.


Following is a video sample of HMX-H300 camcorder.


Following is a video sample of Samsung's HMX-H300 full HD camcorder.

Samsung NX10 traffic clip

Following is an NX10 video sample.

Samsung EX1 Sample Images

Following is a link to the sample images taken by a Samsung EX1 user.

Samsung NX10 & NX100 Firmware Upgrades

Following is an information about firmware update for NX10 and NX100 camera.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Camera Has an Eye for Photos, Brain for Wi-Fi

Following is an SH100 review from The Wall Street Journal.

Samsung EX1 review in Digital cameras

Following is an EX1 review from PC Pro.

Samsung WB600 Review

Following is a WB600 review from SmartHouse.com.

Samsung ST95 review

Following is a review of ST95 camera posted by CNET UK.

Samsung PL210 Review

Following is a review of PL20 camera posted by Steve's Digicams.

Jonathan Takiff: Season's gadgets

Following is a review of ST700, dual LCD camera, posted by iStockAnalyst.

Samsung NX11 review

Following is a review of NX11 from T3.com.

Scintillating shooting experience with the Samsung NX-11

Following is a review of NX11 mirrorless camera from Samsung reviewed by TheUrbanWire.com.

Review: Samsung SMX-F50 Standard Definition SD Camcorder

Following is a revies of Samsung SMX-F50 camcorder posted by CanadianReviewer.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Samsung NX10 - video test

Following is a video test of NX10.

Samsung NX10 Picture Test 720p

Following is an image collection in video recorded by an NX10 camera.

Hand in Crocs mouth- shot on Samsung NX10

Following is a video clip recorded by an NX10 camera.

Samsung ST700 – Modify Movies for Your Children!

Following shows how to modify movies for your children.

Samsung has developed a creative solution to avoid those distracted children’s photos this summer. For all those parents who return from a trip with photos of their youngsters looking the other way, Samsung has developed a range of animation features which are available on its unique 2View compact cameras.

“Children Mode” is one of the most beloved functions among the 2View camera users. It is especially beloved by the users with children who know that Children Mode” is successful in getting their child’s attention while taking pictures.

We are certain that your children will fall in love with “Pororo”, the little penguin wearing orange-rimmed goggles, when they see the Pororo animation on the ST700’s front LCD. Do you think you need more various animations? Do you want to make your own film, which will appear on front LCD while using Children Mode? The ST700 makes it possible!

● Download animations by using Intelli-studio.
1. After inserting an external microSD card into the camera, connect it to the PC.
2. Turn it on and then run the “Intelli-studio” program.
3. The ‘Download Animation’ message box will appear. Click on the “Yes” button.

4. You can find thumbnail images for animations you wish to download.

* If you place the mouse cursor over the thumbnail image, you can preview the animation’s contents.

5. Click on the desired animation and it will be saved automatically.

● Download animations from the Samsung homepage

1. You can find eight kinds of animation files that are possible to download from the Samsung homepage.

* To download the animations, simply click the images below.

* To download the animations from homepage, please click here.

2. Download and save animation files on the root “MISC” folder of the microSD memory.(You can create the “MISC” folder by yourself or it can be created automatically after turning it on. External microSD card needed.)

3. Animation files are limited up to 8. (Nine each including the internal default one each.)

To see how Children Mode works, click here.

Do you want to make your own animations for Children mode? It is possible with the ST700! Your children will love seeing their parents with the camera that makes them smile. Simply film a short movie with the front LCD size (200X176), then save the movie as ‘front animation.’ If you want to download your video file on Children Mode, convert the file to a F.LCD-sized file format using Intelli- studio.

● Set your own movie on Children Mode.

1. Select the “Movie” icon on your camera’s home screen.

2. Menu button – Movie Size – Front LCD size (220X176).

3. Record the movie you want. It only records up to 30 seconds.

4. After filming it, select the “Children” icon on your camera’s home screen.

5. Menu – Select Front Animation – Movie

6. Select the movie you have taken.

7. The movie will appear on the front LCD automatically.

* After the update is complete, the animation files will be automatically deleted from the memory card, depending on your camera’s firmware. In the future, if you wish to update the animation again, you should ensure that all old animation files have been deleted from the memory card. You can update your camera’s firmware to ensure that all animation files are deleted automatically.

* Ensure that the battery is fully charged before the update.

* Do not attempt to remove the battery or turn off the camera during the update.

“We are very proud of the animations available to our customers, as they add to the sense of fun that is a big part of the 2View photography experience, putting artistic capabilities in the hands of our customers,” Mr. SS Park, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics, commented. “The accessibility of the animations for users was a priority for Samsung that is why we’ve ensured they’re easily downloadable from our website, to provide a truly connected service to every customer. The animations are designed to be as engaging as possible for children and, combined with the high image quality, they add up to a premium compact camera package that allows our customers to capture special moments with their families.”

Here is the link to the source: http://www.samsungimaging.net/2011/05/27/samsung-st700-modify-movies-for-your-children/

Go to Canterbury Cathedral on sunny Sunday - Samsung EX1

Following is a link to the sample images taken by EX1 camera.

ST700 - Children Mode Animation

Following is an image showing how to make your own animation for the children mode of Samsung ST700 camera.

samsung HMX-h300 full HD BSI CMOS OIS DUO Test

Following is a video sample of Samsung HMX-H300 full HD camcorder.

Samsung HMX-H300 720p at 60 fps St. Augustine Video Sample

Following is a video sample recorded by an HMX-H300 full HD camcorder user.