Saturday, July 31, 2010

samsung u10

Following is a user's video test of Samsung U10 full HD camcorder.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Samsung WP10 AQ100 dino macro back

Following is a macro test of the waterproof camera, Samsung WP10/AQ100 camera.

ST5500 - How to share images to social networks

Following shows how to use the wireless functions of Samsung ST5500 digital camera.

Samsung HMX-S16 South Africa

Following is a short zoom test video of Samsung S16 full HD camcorder in South Aftrica.

Samsung WB 650 v3 2-4-2010

Following is a zoom test of WB650 GPS camera.

Cute animations updated for 2view cameras’ “Children Mode”

Following is an instruction about updating the 2View cameras with new animations.

Samsung has updated new animations on “Children Mode” for PL150 (TL210) / PL100 (TL205) and ST550 (TL225) / ST500(TL220). As we already know, Samsung’s 2view camera series have a brilliant function for those who want to easily capture their smiling children. We had announced, on the blog, a variety of animations on ST550 (TL225) / ST500 (TL220)’s Children Mode. And now, the animations have freshly come with a new charactor, “Pororo”.

Everyone knows that children are very keen on this character regardless of nationality or ages. “Pororo”, a cuddly little blue penguin wearing orange-rimmed goggles, looks unusual and curious, but always friendly. He would be a clever character which can amuse children and, at the same time, make them entirely focused on the viewing screen. Indeed, children are easily diverted… We are sure that all the parents taking their children out on a picnic won’t need to worry about making outdoor shots with children’s smiles. Have more fun now !

The PL150(TL210)/PL100(TL205) and ST550(TL225)/ST500(TL220) have especially been loved by outgoing and relaxed people for all seasons. It is true that smart ideas and sharped technologies are making not only a better world, but also a special leisure life, even for children.

Samsung’s 2view series are good because of:

1 Taking self-pictures easier than ever.

2 Self-timer function, to know exactly when the shot is going to be taken.

and 3 “Children mode” -animations to gain the attention of your children’s, while taking pictures.

If you want to download the animations, simply click on the images!

PL150/100(TL210/205) : Click Here!

ST550/500(TL225/220) : Click Here!

Pocket-sized HD Camcorder HMX-E10 and the Wi-Fi Enabled Camera ST80.

Following is a review of Samsung HMX-E10 camcorder and ST80 camera.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today added to its point-and-shoot camcorder lineup with the introduction of the innovative HMX-E10. Offering full-HD resolution, the Samsung HMX-E10 is highlighted by a versatile, 270-degree swiveling lens that enhances consumers’ creativity and allows them to add their own unique views to their video by being able to record from just about any angle. The HMX-E10’s swiveling lens also brings a new sense of fun to recording video, and gives consumers the ability to step out from behind the camcorder and put themselves in the frame with their friends and family.

Samsung has also strived to simplify the way consumers share content with others through the HMX-E10, with the innovative built-in USB port function. The USB feature enables users to connect the camcorder directly to any computer without added attachments like a USB cable, allowing consumers to share important moments wherever they are. When connected to a computer via USB, the HMX-E10 will also simultaneously recharge its battery, a significant time saving feature.

In addition, Samsung unveiled ST80, a 14.2 mega-pixel point-and-shoot camera that joins Samsung’s growing line of Wi-Fi enabled digital cameras. With wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Samsung’s AllShare™ (DNLA) connectivity, the ST80 makes it easy to share images on the move and keep friends and family updated from anywhere at any time.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Samsung U20 Video Test

Following is a focus test of Samsung U20 full HD camcorder.

Samsung adds versatility to 2View Family with Two New Models

Following is a short review of new 2view famly dual LCD camera, ST600 and ST100.

Samsung Electronics. Co. Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technology, today unveiled the latest additions to its 2View camera portfolio, the 14.2 mega-pixel ST600 and ST100. Shifting consumer photo-taking behavior to establish Samsung 2View cameras as the new standard in compact camera category and reinforcing the company’s position as a global leader in the digital imaging industry and a driver of innovation, the ST600 and ST100 build off of the success of the ST550(TL225) and ST500(TL220), offering consumers a stylish design, a full-range of smart and easy-to-use features, and of course Samsung’s revolutionary dual LCD technology.

The new flagship models of the Samsung 2View camera family, the ST600 and ST100, each receive an upgrade to their front LCD screens, activated by a simple tap, which now measure 1.8” compared to the 1.5” front LCD screens found on their 2View predecessors. With larger front LCD screens, the ST600 and ST100 make it easier for consumers to properly frame themselves in their photos and videos and be part of the action by stepping out from behind the camera and joining friends and family in front. The Samsung 2View ST600 and ST100 are also available in four stylish, mood-inspired colors, including hot pink, gold, black and purple, and are encased in a slim and sleek compact frame with a metallic finish to deliver a new sense of fun and modern functionality that will ensure users stand out from the crowd.

“Today’s launch is an important landmark for Samsung as it reinforces our position as a leading innovator in the digital camera market,” said SJ Park, President of the Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics. “Unlike any other feature found on digital cameras, consumers immediately recognize the value of what our dual LCD technology can do for them. There is no learning curve or technical understanding that must be achieved as it is a natural extension of what our customers are already doing. Samsung is looking to simplify that task with the new ST600 and ST100, ensuring they have the ability to take the perfect profile shot, and never have to miss that perfect picture moment with family and friends, even if they’re not behind the camera.”

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cyber Lions Winner at Cannes 2010 'Nonja': Samsung ST1000/CL65

Following is an article about the most famous orangutan, 'Nonja' with Samsung ST1000 (CL65) GPS digital camera.

The most famous orangutan in the world ‘Nonja’ is now the winner of two fabulous awards. It’s not even the first time Nonja won the marketing awards. Check the previous article about her here.

Samsung Electronics Austria has proudly announced that marketing idea of Samsung ST1000(CL65) with Nonja has won Silver Cyber Lions at the Cannes Lions(Category: Community Applications).

The International Advertising Festival – Cannes Lions – is the world’s biggest celebration of creativity in communications. As the most prestigious international annual advertising awards, over 24,000 entries from all over the world are showcased and judged at the Festival.

The followings are extracts from the original article of Cannes Lions.

Samsung needed a strong marketing idea to launch the ST1000(CL65), a digital camera that can upload pictures directly to facebook and is really easy to use. The budget available? Less than 50,000 USD. We wanted to prove the easy handling to the Facebook users by giving the camera to Nonja, an orangutan in the national zoo to take and upload pictures. The world’s first ape on facebook became a world wide phenomenon. Over 80’000 fans joined her account in just six weeks. The international press cover age was worth over 7 Mill. USD.”

In addition, Samsung’s Nonja project has won the ADC*E(Art Director Club of Europe) awards as Gold level of Web & use of media, in July.

the article of

ADC*E is the only Awards scheme in the world to bring all the European award winning work from the national schemes into one competition. Once submitted, the work is judged by a panel of over 50 top creatives, a wonderful opportunity for European professionals from advertising, design, editorial, illustration, film, new media and photography to come together and highlight their country’s creativity.

ADC*E is an association of European Creative Clubs. Its aim is to foster and reward creative excellence in European design and advertising, and this is why every year it takes place the ADC*E Awards -Best of European Design and Advertising.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Samsung WB2000 / TL350 and Canon 300HS / SD4000 Slow Motion Tests

Following is another slow motion test video of Samsung WB2000, Canon 300HD/SD4000.

Samsung TL350 Hands-On

Following is a review of Samsung WB2000 (TL320) digital camera.

Massive Fireworks Experiment: Samsung U20

Following is a great firework video recorded with Samsung U20 camcorder.
15,000 fireworks were used. It is really beautiful.

Samsung HMX-U20

Following is a simple video test of Samsung U20 full HD camcorder.

CAMERA TL225 featured with DUAL LCD (U.S. only)

Following is a review of Samung ST550 dual LCD camera.


With Dual LCD, you'll always know where you stand in a self potrait. And behind the lens, the 3.5" touch screen shows every detail in brilliant color.

Whether youre capturing the smallest detail from far away or grabbing a great shot of yourself during an once-in-a-lifetime moment with the Dual LCD, the TL225 robust features ensure a perfect picture with every click. Or touch. With the 3.5 Wide 1152K Touch Screen LCD and built-in Haptic vibration effect youll get all the feedback you need to take fabulous photos. And with Smart Gesture UI technology, your camera will respond to a simple shake. How fun is that?