Friday, April 30, 2010

Samsung R10 - Using the Macro feature

The macro feature of Samsung R10 looks great. Here is a video clip.

Sweet Daddy’s Sweet Event: Samsung ST1000 (CL65) Digital Camera

Here are images taken by a user of the Samsung ST1000 (CL65) digital camera.

WCIC Final TEN in Seoul

And Samsung held the final event for them, named ‘WCIC Final in Seoul’ at Samsung d’light April 28th. The final 10 winners were chosen by a combination of public online voting and expert evaluation.

Six students of them are the competitors who got the highest score from each country. And three students are the top 3 except the highest score students. The other student is fan’s favorite photographer who has the most supporters.

The students flied to Seoul, Korea to attend ‘WCIC Final in Seoul’. First, they had a tour of Samsung d’light Digital Lounge with staff. On the ground floor, there was a main event ‘WCIC award’.

Song Ying, the winner from China, said “Samsung NX10 is light and easy to take that it’s a perfect camera to describe my creativity wherever I am”

After the event, the attendees had a time to see the pictures of students on the Global Gallery. Students explained and had an interview about their work.

WCIC shows that camera is not just a ‘tool’ taking pictures, but camera can be used as a ‘creative tool’ making stories” said Sang-jin Park, the CEO of Samsung Electronics. “We will support various global campaigns with NX10 for development of culture and art.”

Those 10 winners have their work put on display at a prestigious art gallery in Beijing, China.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Samsung R10 slow motion vodka 250 fps

Here is a slow motion video clip of 250 fps using Samsung R10 camcorder.

Nature’s Transformers: Samsung PL150 Digital Camera

Followings are some image taken by Samsung PL150 digital camera.

Here is Justin with one of the cars he is currently working on, in the background is the cab of his work ute getting ready to be married with the rest of the car.

image [Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/20s ㅣf/4.0 ㅣISO 800ㅣ6.6mm]

So many curves and angles make it a very difficult job and not one to be rushed. A couple of millimetres out on a line at this stage causes major problems when the metal skin is getting fitted in the next workshop. But such a great moment when it all fits up and works together, they don’t make ‘em like this anymore!

image [Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/30s ㅣf/4.0 ㅣISO 800ㅣ4.9mm]

In the end, all the customers pay up…

image [Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/45s ㅣf/4.5 ㅣISO 800ㅣ7.8mm]

image [Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/30s ㅣf/5.0 ㅣISO 800ㅣ9.3mm]

Something missing here…

image [Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/30s ㅣf/4.3 ㅣISO 800ㅣ15.4mm]

Outside the workshops are some wonderful old wrecks demonstrating that even cars eventually return to nature given time. Real transformers.

Here are a couple of shots of the same cars , using different setting on the camera, I quite like the effect that the scetch style gives in this setting.

image [Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/60s ㅣf/3.5 ㅣISO 80ㅣ4.9mm]

image [Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/45s ㅣf/4.5 ㅣISO 100ㅣ7.8mm]

Great clarity and colour captured in this rusty line up.

image [Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/60s ㅣf/5.0 ㅣISO 80ㅣ9.3mm]

I get the feeling that this bus will be taking no more passengers.

image [Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/90s ㅣf/3.5 ㅣISO 80ㅣ4.9mm]

image [Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/125s ㅣf/3.5 ㅣISO 80ㅣ4.9mm]

Over behind the bus is probably my favourite character in this yard of oldies, an old New South Wales fire truck.


[Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/45s ㅣf/3.5 ㅣISO 80ㅣ4.9mm]

image [Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/90s ㅣf3.7 ㅣISO 80ㅣ5.7mm]

A great looking beast.

image [Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/60s ㅣf/3.9 ㅣISO 120ㅣ3.9mm]

I love this shot with the burning tree insignia and the new growth visible through the rust hole, nicely poetic. I could probably come up with all sorts of deep and meaningful comments to accompany it, but I won’t.

image [Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/60s ㅣf/5.0 ㅣISO 200ㅣ9.3mm]

Here’s another old character, I suspect he may be a friend of the firey. A little mad perhaps, but definitely friendly.

image [Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/60s ㅣf/3.5 ㅣISO 80ㅣ4.9mm]

This one has progressed quite a way on its path into the ground, most likely beyond repair at this stage. I used miniature style in this shot to clarify and bring focus to the centre whilst blurring the foreground and background.

image [Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/45s ㅣf/4.5 ㅣISO 120ㅣ7.8mm]

Here is a closer version of the previous shot using retro style.

image [Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/60s ㅣf/4.3 ㅣISO 200ㅣ15.4mm]

Detail, colour and depth of field are all captured well in this shot of a pulley system on the back of one of the trucks. Not bad for a little pocket camera.

image [Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/60s ㅣf/5.6 ㅣISO 160ㅣ11.2mm]

This is the spray painter’s shed, all those fumes make for happy painters!

image [Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/60s ㅣf/5.0 ㅣISO 100ㅣ19.6mm]

Avinguda De Gaudi: Samsung ST500 Digital Camera

Followings are images taken by an ST500 user.

A year ago I saw a movie called “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”. I was really impressed with the movie and decided to visit Barcelona someday, the background city from the movie. And a year later, as soon as Easter holiday started, I packed my bag and left for Barcelona.

Barcelona is one of the most famous and visited cities in the world so the city reminds you of many things but you cannot start the story without mentioning Gaudi. Barcelona is the city of Gaudi. Looking at his architectures around the city, it made me realize that I was really in Barcelona. So in this post, I’d like to put together some of Gaudi’s famous architectural pieces and introduce them to you.


[ST500(TL220) 1/350s l 3.7f l ISO80 l 5.3mm Program Auto]

This is a picture of Sagrada Familia seen from street of Gaudi (Avinguda De Gaudi). Approximately 170cm in height, this architecture is the land mark of Barcelona and represents the essence of Gaudi’s architectural philosophy.


[ST500(TL220) 1/350s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program Auto]

Started building in 1882, still in process, this Catholic Church will take 200 more years to complete if it is built on Gaudi’s plan. Like it, Gaudi’s architectural philosophy is beyond profound and mysterious, it’s even marvelous.


[ST500(TL220) 1/1000s l 4.7f l ISO80 l 8.3mm Program Auto]


[ST500(TL220) 1/60s l 4.7f l ISO400 l 8.3mm Program Auto]


[ST500(TL220) 1/45s l 3.5f l ISO640 l 4.9mm Program Auto]

As seen in the picture, the Church is still going under construction and the construction site has naturally become another sightseeing spot of Sagrada Familia from a long time ago. When you look at the height of the interior and all the carvings on the pillar, you’ll understand why it takes such a long time to finish this building.


[SAMSUNG SDC-K60R 1/200s l 3.5f l ISO100 l 6.4mm Program Auto]

Next is Casa Milà. It was built for the married couple, Rosario Segimon and Pere Milà. As if you can feel the touch of Gaudi, who was often inspired by the nature, the wavy exterior of the building is just so amazing.


[ST500(TL220) 1/45s l 3.5f l ISO200 l 4.9mm Program Auto]


[ST500(TL220) 1/15s l 3.5f l ISO320 l 4.9mm Program Auto]


[ST500(TL220) 1/15s l 3.5f l ISO400 l 4.9mm Program Auto]

This is a picture of the inside. From furniture, tiles, and wallpapers, everything was preserved in excellent condition that it made me wonder if there are people still living here. You can properly witness the lives of the wealthy from that era. Especially the butterfly shaped bed and table were so sophisticated and classy even compared with contemporary modern furniture.


[ST500(TL220) 1/180s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program Auto]


[ST500(TL220) 1/750s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program Auto]

The highlight of Casa Milà is the rooftop. You’ll encounter the mysterious and unique pieces at the rooftop. Some look like huge shells and some resemble warrior’s helmet. I couldn’t get 100% of Gaudi’s psychological world, but I could 100% understand why he’s called a genius.


[SAMSUNG SDC-K60R 1/172s l 3.5f l ISO100 l 6.4mm Program Auto]


[SAMSUNG SDC-K60R 1/135s l 4.1f l ISO100 l 15mm Program Auto]

Next is Casa Batlló, a personal favorite of mine. Just looking at the exterior your expectations will grow to see how gorgeous and beautiful the inside might be and the interior is so much more than you could ever imagine.


[ST500(TL220) 1/20s l 3.5f l ISO200 l 4.9mm Program Auto]


[ST500(TL220) 1/20s l 3.5f l ISO200 l 4.9mm Program Auto]

Inside the building, including the exterior, it is hard to find a straight line or a pointy end. The most important and unique characteristic about this building is that almost everything forms a circular and spiral curves.


[ST500(TL220) 1/45s l 3.5f l ISO200 l 4.9mm Program Auto]


[ST500(TL220) 1/10s l 3.5f l ISO400 l 4.9mm Program Auto]


[ST500(TL220) 1/15s l 3.5f l ISO400 l 4.9mm Program Auto]

The ceiling of the hallway, windows, stairs and even handles are all in circles and curves.


[ST500(TL220) 1/15s l 3.5f l ISO400 l 4.9mm Program Auto]


[ST500(TL220) 1/15s l 3.5f l ISO400 l 4.9mm Program Auto]

The tiles on the interior walls and the tiles on the floor are all so beautiful and pretty.


[ST500(TL220) 1/180s l 10.6f l ISO80 l 6.5mm Program Auto]


[ST500(TL220) 1/750s l 4.1f l ISO80 l 6.5mm Program Auto]

Probably Gaudi’s favorite ingredient when he’s constructing a building is ceramic. When you go to the rooftop of Casa Batlló, you can see a sculpture decorated with color ceramic. Ceramic looks really pretty under sunshine, but due to the cloudy weather I couldn’t see the shining appearance of it, which was a huge disappointment.

It was so difficult to select a few pictures from the hundred of photosD Along with Gaudi’s architecture, I’ll show you the unseen part of Barcelona through the next post!