Friday, November 28, 2008

Review by Der Photograph Magazine: Samsung NV100HD Digital Camera

Samsung NV100HD digital camera has been very positively by Der Photograph in Austria.

It major revew was about the high speed, good image quality, good design, ergonomic design, easy to use, high connectivity.

Award by Blick Magazine: Samsung NV100HD Digital Camera

Samsung NV100HD digital camera got an award, ‘Gadget of the Day’ by Blick am Abend magazine in Switzerland.

It is about a good review of the HD cameras with which usres can also take videos in the HD quality.

It aslo mentions the highest resolution, HD video feature, excellent image quality and good price.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Review by PC Magazine: Samsung NV24HD Digital Camera

The PC magazine reviewed Samsung NV24HD digital camera very positively.

You may get a brief information about the review at,2817,2331975,00.asp

You-Tube Clip: Samsung Digital Camera, VLUU NV-100HD

It seems that using a Samsung digital camera, VLUU NV-100HD, a guy has made a video clip and posted on You-Tube. The idea of the clip is wonderful. You can judge it by yourself. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Review by Ciberpais Magazine in Spain: Samsung SC-HMX20C

The Ciberpais magazine in Spain has reviewed Samsung's HMX20C digital very positively.

There was a great description of the Samsung's camcorder SC-HMX20 highlighting the sensor CMOS of 6,4 pixels an the 8GB storage.

Review by TimeOut in Ukraine: Samsung SC-HMX20C

The TimeOut magazine in Ukraine has reviewed Samsung's SC-HMX20C digital camcorder very positively.

The HMX20C’s outstanding performance is the result of a cutting-edge design coupled with innovative technologies in HD recording. The camcorder features a 6.4-megapixel CMOS with electronic image stabilization so that even action-packed scenes project come through with clarity.

Touted to be very user friendly due to an intuitive touch screen interface, it comes with 8GB built-in flash memory, 10x optical and 20x digital zoom capabilities.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Review by V Magazine in Croatia: Samsung SC-MX20

The V magazine in Croatia reviewed Samsung SC-MX20. Its general camcorder inforamtion and featrues are listed in the picture.

Review by PC World in Peru: Samsung SC-MX20

The PC World in Peru reviewed Samsung's SC-MX20 digital camcorder positively.

Alot Samsung has mentioned other camcorders models as well: SC-D381, SC-D383, SC-DX100, SC-DX103, SC-HMX20.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Review by Dfoto, B-52 Magazines: Samsung SC-MX20

Here are more positive reviews about Samsung SC-MX20 from Dfoto and B-52 magazines in Ukraine.

A little summary is here.

Samsung unveiled a powerful compact digital camcorder, the MX20, with its newly developed platform that enables higher video quality and longer recording times. The new MX20 also allows users to upload their files to YouTube™ without transcoding the files.

Review by T3 Magazine: Samsung SC-MX20

Samsung's SC-MX20 digital camcorder has been reviewed very positively by T3 magazine in Ukraine.

Here is the main review.

With its best-in-class semi-conductor chips and image processing technology, Samsung has developed a new platform offering high video quality, longer recording times and low power consumption for SD camcorders to meet customer’s demands.

With the high performance of the new platform, Samsung’s MX20 features the longest battery life in its class – up to three hours.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kontrakty Magazine Review: Samsung SC-MX20

Here is another famouse Ukranine magzine called Kontrakty.
The Kontrakty reviewed Samsung SC-MX20 very positively, saying that the MX20 features a powerful, world-renowned Schneider lens with 34x optical zoom and Samsung’s improved Hyper Digital Image Stabilization, which compensates for the images caused by hand-shaking for sharper footage.
Samsung's SC-MX20 is becoming well know worldwide even in Ukranine.

Afisha Magazine Award: Samsung SC-MX20

The Afisha magazine, a famous electronic magazine in Ukrain gave an award to Samsung's SC-MX20 digital camcorder, saing that Samsung’s MX-20 camcorder can record up to 4 hours of footage using an 8GB memory card, 8 hours using a 16GB memory card, and up to 16 hours using a 32GB card.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

CrunchGear's Very Positive Review: Samsung SC-MX20 Digital Memory Camcorder

CrunchGear gave a very positive review for the Samsung SC-MX20 digital camcorder.

Here is the reveiw.

At $249, the Samsung SC-MX20 falls delicately between cheap flash-based camcorders and more expensive hard drive-based camcorders. It strips down some features that may not be necessary in the first place – high definition video, still photos, etc. – but adds something that most less expensive flash camcorders don’t have: an optical zoom. A big optical zoom, too, at 34x. That, coupled with long battery life, user-friendly codec support, and relatively low price make the SC-MX20 a winner.

Details and Specifications

The MX20 uses SD memory cards up to 32GB. There’s no on-board storage, but my review unit came packaged with a 1GB card, which is good for almost twenty minutes of video at the highest quality setting. The camcorder shoots up to 720×480 video at 29.97 frames per second using the MainConcept AVC/AAC H.264 codec (.MP4 files).
There are four quality modes: TV Super Fine, TV Fine, TV Normal, and a special YouTube-friendly Web & Mobile setting. Other settings include iScene (Sports, Portrait, Beach, Snow, High Speed, etc.), White Balance, Exposure (auto/manual), Face Detection, Anti-Shake, Digital Effects, 16:9 or 4:3 mode, Wind Cut, and stuff like that.

Battery life is good for around three hours on a single charge, which is a really nice touch for a camcorder that costs under $300. Also, video and audio quality are crisp and clear, the 34x optical zoom is outstanding, and the $249 price tag makes it seem like you’re getting a ton of value for what you’re paying.
The video codec that this camera uses is great, too, as it works right out of the gate with most popular editing software. Some cheaper camcorders use weird codecs that output video files that need to be converted before you’re able to edit them. That defeats the purpose of a grab-and-go camcorder. I’m able to directly edit the files that the MX20 creates with Sony Vegas – something I’ve been unable to do with JVC’s Everio series, for instance.

People who want to shoot high definition video or take still photos will want to look elsewhere, as the MX20 just handles straightforward 720×480 video. You’ll also probably want to supply your own large-capacity SD memory card if you don’t already have one. That’s not a deal-breaker by any means but it could add another $100 to your bottom line if you were to pick up, say, an 8GB SDHC card at retail.

The Samsung SC-MX20 is now my go-to camcorder. The size, quality, battery life, and low price make it hard to pass up. I can whole-heartedly recommend this camcorder if you’re looking for an inexpensive video camera that (unlike most other inexpensive

Here is the link to the review directly.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 Select Awards 2008 has just announced their Select Awards for 2008. is a tremendously well respected & notoriously tough authority on camcorders.

Samsung has claimed 3 awards in 2008!!


- HMX20 WINS Editor’s Choice for 2008!!
Editor's Pick – Samsung SC-HMX20 – Review, Specs, $669
We could not let the year pass without heaping accolades on the surprise hit, the high definition Samsung SC-HMX20. After years of producing decent but unremarkable camcorders, Samsung's 2008 top of the line model simply blew us away in our lab testing. The performance was nearly unbeatable in any kind of light, offering incredible sharpness, color, and sensitivity. It's also the coolest looking camcorder that has passed through our doors in a long time, with sexy curves and a damn useful swivel grip that allows for handling the likes of which no other camcorder can match. The SC-HMX20 is a great choice for beginners, as the menu and interface are much simpler than the standard full-feature camcorder. Well done, Samsung! Read our full review of the Samsung SC-HMX20 here.

- HMX20 WINS Best Mid-Range Camcorder for 2008!!
Best Mid-range Camcorder – Samsung SC-HMX20 – Review, Specs, $669
The Samsung SC-HMX20 is the strongest camcorder the company has ever released. Recording to SD and SDHC memory cards, the performance is outstanding, the interface is among the simplest in the market, and it looks dead sexy. The huge 1/1.8-inch sensor made for excellent low light results, and the swivel grip allows for some unique handling possibilities. Read our full review of the Samsung SC-HMX20 here.

- MX20- Runner Up, Best Standard Definition Camcorder (2nd only to a camcorder priced $100 higher) Review, Specs, $231

The Samsung SC-MX20 is small, cheap, and slick, making it a great choice for consumers who want a lot of value for only a little green. The MX20 is not the best performing standard definition camcorder, but it compares well to other camcorders in its price range. Most importantly, it's the easiest full-featured camcorder to operate. The menu is laid out in a plain, understandable manner, yet it offers a range of controls and level of quality not attainable by ultra-compact "YouTube" camcorders like the Flip Mino. The MX20 also features a unique swivel grip, allowing for a multiple handling options. Read our full review of the Samsung SC-MX20 here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No. 1 in Samsung LCD TV and Cell Phone

During the economy crisis, Samsung is trying to expand its market area in LCD TV and cell phones. According to the Display Research, a market research organiation, in Nov, 18, 2009, Samsung took the first positon in the world market in the third quarter by selling 5.39 million LCD TVs. It is a 20.2% market share whild Sony took 13.8% with 3.7M sold, Sharp 10.2% with 2.73 M, and LG 9.3% with 2.48M. Samsung is the first company that sold more than 5M in one quarter.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Samsung VLUU NV100HD Digital Camera

Samsung released a compact digital camera, VLUU NV100HD. NV100 can be used a sub digital camera and supports the world highest 14.7 Million pixels. NV100 would be more than enough for the users and even can be useful to catch the moments in life that DSLR can easily loose.

The NV100 design has been also considered for the grip feeling. NV100 is easy to operate. Every functions can be operated by the touch screen on the large 3" LCD screen running as an electronic induction method like i-POD.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Samsung Digital Album The Best Product in the US

The US Consumer Report selected Samsung's wireless digital album and LG's cell phon as the best electronic products in this year. KOTRA announced that Samsung SPF-83V (wireless digital picture album), and LG Cell Phone 'Dare' were the best electronic products from the consumer report.
The Samsung digital wirless picture album got the highest grade by proving convenience, high quality, and long distance digital picture transmission through WI-FI wirelss.

Samsung's 42 Innovation Awards at CES 2009

Samsung received 12 items for the CES Innovation Award in 2007, and will receive 32 in 2008, 42 in 2009.
These are 15 items in the Audio/Video category such as TV, home theater systems, Blue-Ray players, Refrigerator, washing machines, etc.; 23 items in IT products such as MP3 players, camcorders, cell phones, computers, printers, monitors, mobiles, etc.; 4 items in processors like SSD, Maible processors, DID, etc.
Among them, 5 items are of the Best Innovation Awards, and 2 items for Environment Design Awards.
CES Innovation Award is given to the dominant products among the CES participated products in technology and design chosen by IDSA (industrial design association in America) and CEA (consumer electronic association in America).

Friday, November 7, 2008

Picture Contest Award at Sung-Gok Art Musium

There was a picture contest taken by Sasung camera in Korea.
The Pictures taken by various Samsung cameras have been displayed at Sung-Gok Art Musium in Seoul, Korea in Nov. 11, 2008.

30 pictures out of 328 pictures have been selected as the final awards.
The first place picture was taken by a high-end Samsung Pro815 camera manufactured in 2005.
Followings are the pictures awarded.

The 1st Place:
Subject: What would the life of other people look like?
Camera: Samsung Pro815

Three 2nd places:

(1) A Three-Concerned Relation

Camera: Samsung GX10

(2) Subject: Crisis

Camera: Samsung GX10

(3) Subject: The Road