Tuesday, November 30, 2010

B-Boy Dance in the Dark: Samsung HMX-E10

Following is a B-boy performance video recorded by Samsung HMX-E10 camera.

[SPECIAL Review] Samsung Camcorder HMX-S16

Following is a special review of Samsung HMX-S16 full HD camcorder.

1080/60 Full HD quality

The HMX-S16 is the first flag ship model this year. Of course, it supports 1080/60i Full HD quality resolution which fills the 1920x1080 screen. It has adopted 10M pixels sensor to make the video more vivid. It supports various resolutions such as 1080/60i, 1080/30p Full HD, 720/60p HD and 480/60p SD. The quality can be selected by the purpose of the recording. H.264 format is supported. The H.264 can record high quality videos in a small size with its great compression rate.

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SAMSUNG HMX-S16 Review by PopcoNet

Following is a review of Samsung HMX-S16 camcorder.

01_Intelli 18x zoom & Smart OIS



Full HD Camcorder Samsung HMX-S16

Samsung Full HD Camcorder HMX-S16 which was shown in CES2010 on January has finally been released. It got an attention from a lot of people with Full HD, High zoom, touch display, and WiFi. WiFi means a lot. Without any equipment installed or complication procedure, it’s possible to watch TV in real time and transfer files to a TV or computer at home. Given that camcorders used just for recording and shooting, the new usage by WiFi is so incredible. (WiFi function is only supported in a few countries.)

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SAMSUNG NX100 Review byf PopcoNet

Here is another long review of Samsung NX100 camera from PopcoNet.


The rush of the NX

The NX from Samsung consists of equipment from Samsung such as sensor, lens, image processor, AMOLED, battery, and various accessories. Panasonic and Sony are also similar, but I think Samsung has the most powerful resources. Samsung has already made 3 compact interchangeable lens type cameras with 5 different lenses. It’s been about a year since the NX10. The NX10 was just the beginning, and the NX10 is the beginning of the rush. It’s because I’m so expecting the next models. The world’s first i-Function lens NX100, firmware upgrade for previous users, APS-C, and the upgrade of contrast AF. Samsung is so passionate that no one can deny the great work of Samsung for the NX series.

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SAMSUNG NX100 Review by NoteForum

Following is a extreamly long review of Samsung NX100 interchangeable mirrorless camera.


The NX10 was the strong impact on the digital camera market in Korea. (It got an attention from a lot of people with the great quality of DSLRs and mobility of compact digital cameras and has still been sold a lot. Different from hybrid cameras, it has the APS-C sensor as a mirrorless camera and high quality lenses, so it’s popular not only in Korea, but also other countries.)


The NX100 I’m reviewing is an ambitious model from Samsung which will follow the NX10. It has improved the mobility which was the weakness of the NX10, so it has a lot of great things such as better quality and fast AF speed. (You’d better understand this as a mode in a new lineup, not just the following model of the NX10. It has accented the compactness and design different from the traditional NX10.)


I’m also expecting the result of the test. Let’s take a closer look at the design, functions, performance, and quality through the review.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

[Samsung NX-10] DIY Marimba

Following is a video test of Samsung NX10 camera.

[SAMSUNG] NX10 - 18-55mm Sample Movie 02

Following is a video test of Samsung NX10 camcorder.

Making of ‘B-Boy Dance in the Dark with E10’

Following is a review of Samsung E10 camcorder.

Our video ‘B-Boy Dance in the Dark’ is a futuristic union of athletic B boys with uniforms featuring 20 camcorders.

For ‘B-Boy Dance’, 20 of E10 Camcorders and about 3L fluorescent liquid were used.

Videos that were played through LCDs of E10s were recorded earlier by shooting colorful videos on computer monitor.

E10 Key Feature

- Pocket Size (Ease of Use)

- 1080 full HD video

- 270 degree Swivel Angle Lens

- Smart Filter & Panorama mode

- Built in USB arm

- 2.7” Touch LCD

Please visit Samsung E10 Microsite!

The main reason why we used fluorescent liquid with flickering E10 LCDs is that we believed that glowing materials could enhance the visual impression of every single detail of B boys’ move.

B boys you see in the video are Zero-Nine and Ghost who are well known professional B-boys.

It was an awesome opportunity to work with them and we believe that our video turned out just like the way we planned.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Samsung HMX-T10 Low Light Video Test

Following is a low light video test of Samsung HMX-T10 full HD camcorder.

Samsung NX100 video sample

Following is a video test of Samsung NX100 camera.

Save Samsung Imaging’s Gallery on Your Computer

Here is an information about free screen saver provided by SamsungImaging.

Samsung Imaging.net has recently released a new screen saver for its fans. You can currently download the file, and enjoy photos taken by Samsung Imagelogers on your PC.

Samsung Imaging’s screen saver is made up with fabulous shots of Samsung’s best cameras and videos. With a sweet back music, the screen saver clearly shows the quality of Samsung digital cameras and camcorders.

Starting with Samsung’s new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera the NX100, it shows the first mirrorless camera NX10, ultra natural-brightness camera EX1(TL500), high-end compact camera WB2000(TL350), and new 2Vew series ST600 and ST100. After the simple information and images of cameras, you will see some sample videos taken with HMX-S16 and HMX-T10.

To download the screen saver, please click here.

To see the Imagelogers’ photos, please visit Samsung Imaging’s flickr channel.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Following is a video test of Samsung EX1 camcorder.

Samsung NX100 × 720P Video Sample

Following is a video recorded by Samsung NX100 camera.

Samsung HMX-U20 Video Test

Following is a video test clip of Samsung HMX-U20 camcorder.

Samsung NX100 (MP4, HD video)

Here is a short video test of Samsung NX100 camera.

Samsung’s New Design of Display 2011: Annual Party in Chile!

Following is an article about Samsung's new design display 2011.

Samsung recently had an annual party with dealers. The party was held in Santiago, Chile, mainly demonstrating new design of display of all area applying GSI 2.0.

About 140 people, including important client of CE, HHP, and IS area (Owners, General Mgr, Visual Mgr, etc), have participated in the party reviewing display and Biz, and having discussion.

Each prompter invites group of client into the display gallery of all product and enjoy the display and product.

The NX10 and the NX100, of course, have goten a lot of attention, and the Galaxy S was still very popular.

Participations also enjoyed the party with delicious finger food.

Cecilia Bolocco, a beautiful entertainer and former Miss Universe 1987, hosted the party.

Hyun Chil Hong, president of Samsung Chile, introduced activities such as launching event, SECH opening ceremony, CES, Latin forum, and trip to Korea.

It was a meaningful time that reviewed past years and previewed new design of display 2011 with dealers.

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