Saturday, November 6, 2010

Samsung NX100 Mirrorless Camera: Smooth

Following is a review of Samsung NX100 by Gizmodo.

Samsung NX100 Mirrorless Camera: SmoothThe NX10, Samsung's first mirrorless camera, was smaller than a DSLR, but it still looked like a DSLR. The NX100 does not—it's all flat surfaces and gentle curves and even sticks a manual control on the lens itself.

In terms of guts, the NX100 doesn't depart too much from the more conventional looking NX10: it has the same 14.6MP APS-C sensor (one that's bigger than those used by many of the competing Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras), the same 3" AMOLED screen, and it can shoot the same 720p HD video. But it hasn't gone completely unchanged, offering a speedier autofocus and bumping the maximum ISO up to 6400, from the NX10's 3200.

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