Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SAMSUNG NX100 Review by NoteForum

Following is a extreamly long review of Samsung NX100 interchangeable mirrorless camera.


The NX10 was the strong impact on the digital camera market in Korea. (It got an attention from a lot of people with the great quality of DSLRs and mobility of compact digital cameras and has still been sold a lot. Different from hybrid cameras, it has the APS-C sensor as a mirrorless camera and high quality lenses, so it’s popular not only in Korea, but also other countries.)


The NX100 I’m reviewing is an ambitious model from Samsung which will follow the NX10. It has improved the mobility which was the weakness of the NX10, so it has a lot of great things such as better quality and fast AF speed. (You’d better understand this as a mode in a new lineup, not just the following model of the NX10. It has accented the compactness and design different from the traditional NX10.)


I’m also expecting the result of the test. Let’s take a closer look at the design, functions, performance, and quality through the review.

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