Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chapter 8: Shooting People, Samsung PL150

Here are user's pictures taken by Samsung PL150/TL210.

Don’t worry, only with the camera :)

All shots taken in Buenos Aires.

PL150(TL210)_Zonvi_09_01 Samsung PL150(TL210) │ 1/60s │ f/5.9 │ ISO 120 │ 24.5mm

Feeling Small.

PL150(TL210)_Zonvi_09_02 Samsung PL150(TL210) │ 1/180s │ f/4.3 │ ISO 80 │ 15.4mm

Being small.

PL150(TL210)_Zonvi_09_03 Samsung PL150(TL210) │ 1/250s │ f/15.0 │ ISO 400 │ 24.5mm

Enjoy some Spa time.

PL150(TL210)_Zonvi_09_04 Samsung PL150(TL210) │ 1/250s │ f/3.5 │ ISO 80 │ 4.9mm


PL150(TL210)_Zonvi_09_05 Samsung PL150(TL210) │ 1/60s │ f/3.9 │ ISO 160 │ 13.2mm

Having fun.

PL150(TL210)_Zonvi_09_06 Samsung PL150(TL210) │ 1/350s │ f/3.5 │ ISO 80 │ 4.9mm


PL150(TL210)_Zonvi_09_07 Samsung PL150(TL210) │ 1/60s │ f/5.4 │ ISO 160 │ 21.0mm

Having a break.

PL150(TL210)_Zonvi_09_08 Samsung PL150(TL210) │ 1/180s │ f/5.4 │ ISO 80 │ 21.0mm

Working. By the way, those horses are very tall!

PL150(TL210)_Zonvi_09_09 Samsung PL150(TL210) │ 1/250s │ f/4.9 │ ISO 80 │ 4.9mm

Walking. Shopping. Etc.

PL150(TL210)_Zonvi_09_10 Samsung PL150(TL210) │ 1/250s │ f/5.9 │ ISO 80 │ 24.5mm

Walking and working. Some people like to have dogs but they do not have time for them because they have to work to much.

This is the solution. You can pay a “Paseaperros” and he/she’ll take your dog for a walk every day :)

PL150(TL210)_Zonvi_09_11 Samsung PL150(TL210) │ 1/500s │ f/4.3 │ ISO 80 │ 15.4mm

Out from work. Time to go back home.

PL150(TL210)_Zonvi_09_12 Samsung PL150(TL210) │ 1/45s │ f/3.5 │ ISO 800 │ 4.9mm

Taking the Metro.

PL150(TL210)_Zonvi_09_13 Samsung PL150(TL210) │ 1/45s │ f/3.5 │ ISO 800 │ 4.9mm

Waiting at the airport.

Next Stop, Río de Janeiro, Brazil.

Stay tuned and thanx for watching :)

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Lucy said...

Taking a look at your post, it reminds me a lot to the tour in argentina I did last year... I fell in love with buenos aires.. and this images you show here, well.. the speak for itself, it says a lot about this great city
congratatulations! nice job