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Samsung R10 1080 HD Flash Camcorder

The DreamWear Computers posted Samsung R10 digital camcorder.

Introduction:In the past year or so we've seen Samsung make a jump into making all their camcorders flash based and eliminating the older and less convenient miniDV/miniDVD formats. In that time I've reviewed a few of the models in their lineup and even decided to get myself one to replace an old and failing camcorder of mine. In only a few short models I've seen them really build up this camcorder arsenal into a fairly strong product line - something that will go along great with all the new Samsung photo cameras we'll see emerging this year. Their latest flash camcorder, the R10, looks like something straight out of the future. With a compact body size, silver colour and angled front lens, it jumps out as not following the trend of the other Samsung flash camcorders currently on the market. Let's check it out further and see what it's all about!

For more review, please click: http://www.dreamwarecomputers.com/reviews_2009/samsung_r10/index.htm

Review: SAMSUNG WB1000

First Class WB1000

Samsung Digital Imaging released 13 new products, and changed the whole compact camera line-up. The goal was to invent cameras for anyone to easily take good pictures with, so they made 13 different cameras with various design, specifications, and features. And the last but least is WB1000. WB1000 is the first class out of new VLUU line-up, with attractive specifications and features. It is the first class camera coming out in the first year of newly starting Samsung Digital Imaging, so it’ll become a barometer for Samsung’s technology and possibility in the future. For the first time, it has introduces 5x optical zoom with 3 inch AMOLED screen and 24mm wide angle.

24mm ultra-wide zoom lens

WB1000’s Schneider lens starts from 24mm wide angle. Compared to regular cameras which start from 35mm, it provides attraction of wider view. At the same time, it extended the zoom up to 120mm. So it has 24-120mm in 35mm equivalent, 5x optical Schneider zoom lens. And it starts from as bright as F2.8. Lens, the most fundamental factor, is the best grade. And it also provides full manual exposure feature with which you can control aperture and shutter as you want. You may control the aperture and shutter using Smart dial, which is a convenient interface. There’re A/S/M exposure mode, USER mode with a user’s setting, and Smart auto mode which automatically applies the optimal shooting condition by recognizing the circumstances.


3 inch hVGA AMOLED

For the first time in the world, it adopted AMOLED type display device in digital camera. Compared to TFT LCD which is usually used in cell phones or digital cameras, it’s about 1000 times faster and is well seen in bright places since it shines itself, and its energy consumption is low. Another strength is that AMOLED can be made as 7times smaller volume than LCD. Compared to other cameras, it shows the screen pretty well even in bright outdoors. WB1000 supports 1280x720, 30 frame HD video function. And thorough HDMI connection, you can watch HD video and photos on HDTV without loss. Dual IS stabilizes image in both optical and digital way. Plus, there’s Perfect portrait system that helps portrait shots in many ways based on face detection features.

For more information, please click: http://www.segadget.com/entry/449

Samsung TL320 12MP digicam begins shipping

Samsung’s TL320 digital camera has finally begun shipping, after being made official back in February. A 12.2-megapixel point-and-shoot, the TL320 (aka the WB1000) distinguishes itself with a neat pair of retro dials that indicate charge and memory card status, together with using OLED for its 3-inch HVGA resolution preview screen.

The TL320 also has a 5x optical zoom, dual optical and digital image stabilization, face detection and smile-shot. It can also record 720p high-definition video, and has an HDMI output for connecting directly to an HDTV.

The Samsung TL320 is currently available via Amazon, priced from $334.21 courtesy of one third-party retailer. Amazon themselves have it at the MRSP of $379.99.

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HMX-H106 series have equipped SSD (Solid-State Drive) for the first time in the world. It supports 1920x1080i Full HD based on 1/4.5 inch CMOS sensor. In addition, it has 180° rotating full angle grip and easy-to-use built-in software Intelli-studio. It is a home camcorder with various high-quality features. The models released in Korea are H106 (64GB), H105 (32GB), and H104 (16GB). It will have different capacities.

Full HD Camcorder H106 series

Last January, Samsung introduced a new H106 series at ‘2009 CES’ in Las Vegas. H-series, HMX-H106 in the front, is a compact camcorder with Full HD. H106, which is introduced now, has two noticeable features. It has up-and-coming SSD (Solid State Drive) memory and 180° rotating full angle grip. And its full angle grip is very unique, creating a sensation. The difference among H106, H105, and H104 is their different capacity- as big as 64GB, 32GB, and 16GB.  Other than that, the specifications are same; Full HD recording, 10x optical Schneider zoom lens, optical image stabilization, interval recording, etc. In this review, let’s find out about how H106 series is differentiating itself from other competing products.

This review is based upon HMX-H106 model, and samples and photos on this review are taken with H104. In addition, all the video samples are resized to smaller size, so its actual resolution is different from them.

16:9 Full HD quality

Normally, the resolution is divided into HD(High Definition) and SD(Standard Definition). If you take a closer look, under 800x600 is SD, from 960x720 to 2048x1080 is HD. Out of HD, over 1080 in vertical is Full HD. HMX-H106 series supports 16:9 Full HD recording. What’s important is that you can take in 1920x1080 resolution which fills 16:9 wide screen. It is different from HD camcorder that takes in 4:3 ratio 1440x1080 resolution, and enlarges it to 16:9 screen. Full HD quality has a recording type which is accurate enough not to show any distortion.

1/4.5 inch CMOS sensor

HMX-H106 has 2,200,000-pixel 1/4.5 inch CMOS sensor. The sensor is not that big. So I cannot say that it is relatively a strong aspect since the size of sensor can decide the photosensitivity. What’s noticeable in HMX-H106 sensor is not its size but its kind. It’s not a traditional CCD sensor. CMOS sensor shows low energy consumption and efficient charging. Besides, you can take a shot in direct face of light like sunlight or street light. Smear, appearing of lines, and Blooming around the light source rarely show up.

Interlace type of natural movement

Camcorder video is recorded in two scanning ways. One is Interlace and the other is Progressive type. Basically, it supports both of them. 1080/60i type for Full HD divides 20 frames/sec into odd and even fields. And through the interlace way, the output comes on one screen. Fields image in 60n frames are shown successively. It is similar to two toothed wheels  engage with each other and turn rapidly. While interlace type supports Full HD, HMX-H106 series’ progressive type is limited to HD quality. 720/60p shows 24-frame type of movies, and shows 24 frames continuously like film. These two scanning ways end up showing different results. Normally, interlace type is good for natural movement, and progressive type shows good image quality.

For more review, please click: http://www.segadget.com/entry/447




Why do people use DSLR despite its inconvenience? Some people just like to show off, but most of the DSLR users want various manual functions and fast operation to take more satisfying pictures. (In my case, since my camera and lens weighs more than 3kg, if I take shots for a long time, my hand hurts for a few days. In spite of that, I keep using them because I can take pictures more accurately and quickly with them.)

Recently released compact cameras have video recording function and other additional functions that are not supported by DSLR. So for snap shots, they’re a lot more convenient than DSLRs. But for more professional shooting, it is not as satisfying because of its lack of manual functions. (It’s not simply about image quality. Nowadays, compact cameras have image quality as good as DSRLs.)

WB1000 in this review has both strengths of DSLR and compact digital cameras. It supports perfect manual functions and has portability and various additional functions of compact cameras.
I have high expectation for this because this one shows the best capacity among the Samsung Digital Imaging products on market. Through various tests, let’s find out its image quality and how its operation differs from fromer compact cameras.

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Review on City Parent Magazine: Samsung H106 HD Camcorder

The City Parent magazine posted Samsung H106 HD camcorder.

Father's Day Gifts
City Parent
June 2009

Can you imagine the look on dads face when his gift is not a checkered tie? Samsung has a high tech option for dads, the HMX-H106 HD camcorder. The new Samsung offers an internal memory with no moving parts for almost silent operation and conservative power consumption. Call 800-726-7864 or visit samsung.com/ca. (Please see attached scan)

Video: Samsung WB1000 AMOLED

Here is a video clip for WB1000 digital camera.

2009/06/19 03:21 2009/06/19 03:21


Samsung goes official on the WB1000/TL320 digicam

Remember that Samsung digital camera from a few months back with the analog battery and memory card gauges? Well, we finally have all the specs and it’s shipping out next week.

The WB1000 features a 12.2 megapixel sensor, paired with a 24-mm wide angle Schneider-KREUZNACH 5x zoom lens. Samsung also stuffed in a dual optical and digital image stabilizer to help with shaky hands. Plus, the camera can record H.264 720p videos via the 1/2.33-inch CCD sensor.

The backside impresses too with a 480×260 OLED display that will make viewing so much easier in bright areas. Don’t forget about those analog gauges on the top side that displays the remaining battery life and SD storage capacity level. They might have a certain novelty effect, but they are there too.

Crutchfield is listing the camera under the TL320 model name with a ship date of June 18th. The retailer also has a $380 price listed which isn’t all that bad if the camera lives up to it’s specs.

For more information, please click: http://www.crunchgear.com/2009/06/11/samsung-goes-official-on-the-wb1000tl320-digicam/

Review: Samsung SL420 Camera


I recently received a camera to enjoy for a month (not to keep! lol) so that I can write a review of it. The Samsung SL420 camera is a 10.2 MP camera that helps you “Never Miss Another Smiling Face”. It retails for $179.99 and you can find the Samsung SL420 10MP on Amazon as well. Here’s what I thought about this camera:


User Friendly
Rechargeable Battery
Different photo options


No SD card included
I definitely thought this camera was very user friendly. It explained every choice you made to you right on the screen. The fact that it had a rechargeable battery was great. With a young child batteries are always needed and never on hand at my house! Those AAA and AA batteries are used for remote control cars and other toys he likes to play with. Every time I want to pick up my dinosaur camera I never have batteries! It also has great photo options for those of us who may not have the best skin. It actually has a beauty feature that hides imperfections. Perfect for those prom photos as well!

As far as the cons are concerned I am surprised it didn’t come with an SD card. It’s been a while since I’ve been camera shopping so maybe this is the norm now a days. It’s also pretty cheap to purchase an SD card I got one at K-Mart for less than $10 for a 2G. You would definitely need one because this camera can’t hold many pictures without it. What I love about that SD card is that you can take it off your camera and load it to your desktop, laptop or store kiosk to upload and purchase your photos.

My favorite feature was the smart auto feature where the camera chooses the best settings based on the surroundings and lighting. This is definitely a camera for the average user especially that new Mami that wants to take pictures daily of her new baby. Trust me the first couple of months I took pictures of my son with my picture phone and my camera daily! Then they start moving and don’t stay still. The pictures tend to be a bit harder to grab and this camera can make it a whole lot easier to catch a great picture!

The Samsung SL420 10MP comes in black, gray and hot pink and is think enough to throw in your purse or diaper bag without taking up too much space. All in all a good camera I definitely recommend it!

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Video: Samsung C10 Camcorder review

Here is a video clip for Samsung C10 camcorder.



A slimmer, lighter superzoom, the Samsung HZ10W.

Slim: These superzooms generally have either a 10x or 12x optical zoom lens and come in a form factor that's only slightly larger than most compacts. They're more portable than the larger models, but often have fewer buttons and controls to change exposure settings and don't include a viewfinder. Generally, they're cheaper than the chunkier models.

Check our
digital camera Ratings for more details on these and other models. —Terry Sullivan

Samsung WB1000: 12.2MP, 720p video, AMOLED and retro dials

Samsung have unveiled a new digital camera that rocks its distinctive dual-analog-gage indicators. The Samsung WB1000 has a 12.2-megapixel 1/2.33-inch CCD paired with a 24mm wide-angle Schneider-KREUZNACH lens and 5x optical zoom, together with a 3-inch AMOLED 480 x 260 display around the back.

The two retro gages show battery life and capacity, and are intended to be more intuitively read at-a-glance. Meanwhile the WB1000 is also capable of recording 720p H.264 video, which also takes advantage of the camera’s dual optical and digital image stabilization.

Maximum ISO is 3200, though that scales down the frame resolution to a mere 3.2-megapixels, and the WB1000 stores either to its 76MB of internal capacity or up to 8GB SDHC cards (bigger may be supported, but not officially). No word on official launch dates or pricing, but it’s expected to arrive later this month for around $400.

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Review: Samsung SMX-F34 flash memory camcorder


Short Version: Samsung has put out another well-priced, nicely-featured camcorder in the SMX-F34. If you’re looking for a little more than a simple handheld flash memory camcorder but don’t want to pay top dollar for a high-definition video camera, this model deserves a closer look thanks to marathon battery life, good image quality, 16GB of built-in storage, and a 34x optical zoom all at under $300.

Overview and Features

The Samsung SMX-F34 features the following (full specs here):

  • 1/6-inch CCD image sensor
  • 30mm lens with 34x optical zoom
  • 2.7-inch swivel LCD
  • 16GB of built-in storage, plus support for SD(HC) and MMC+ memory cards
  • H.264 video codec (MainConcept AVC/AAC — .MP4 files) at up to 720×480 resolution (see sample file below)
  • Up to 3 hours of battery life
  • MSRP of $299.99, but it’s available for around $250 just about everywhere

If you’ve seen my review of the SC-MX20, the SMX-F34 is similar except that it’s got built-in memory, longer battery life, and has a few new features like time-lapse recording and the ability to shoot still images.

Video Quality

Video is shot using the MainConcept AVC/AAC H.264 codec, which produces .mp4 files. The files are easy to work with using most popular video editing software. I personally use Sony Vegas, which handles the files just fine. I’ve had trouble with files from similarly-equipped JVC and Panasonic camcorders, though. The last thing I want to do before editing video is to have to convert it to a usable format first. The files from Samsung camcorders have been usable straight off of the camera — no fuss, no muss.

Here’s an unedited sample file that shows off the 34x zoom and that you can use to see if this camera will work with your video editing software. The file was shot about two hours before dusk, full zoom, with image stabilization turned off.

Sample Video File (8.3 megabytes)

Files can be read directly off SD or MMC cards or transferred via USB. Transfer time for a 500-megabyte file takes about three minutes.

Battery Life

Samsung pegs the battery life at three hours. I was able to shoot video continuously for two and a half hours, so that three-hour claim likely factors in multiple shots with breaks in between. Whatever the case, I never travelled with the power cord as the battery life was always long enough that I didn’t worry much about it at all.

Additional Features

Aside from just recording video, the SMX-F34 features still image capture, face detection, time-lapse recording, various scene modes, YouTube uploading, image stabilization, windscreen, and more. The camera’s handle swivels 180 degrees, which makes it easy to hold at most angles.

Here’s a short clip of the time-lapse recording function:


I think Samsung’s line of flash memory camcorders still represent the best value for the money thanks to the long bat

tery life and good codec support. If you don’t need or want an HD camcorder and you like the idea of having 16GB of on-board memory in case you forget an SD card, you want to take still photos, and you like the time lapse feature, then the $249 street price of the SMX-F34 is pretty tough to beat.

Otherwise, if you can find the SC-MX20 for around $200, that’s a great deal too. You just lose the still images, the time lapse, and you’ll need to supply a memory card.

Video: Samsung's 12 megapixel WB1000 rocks analog gauges, 3-inch OLED

While it's not the first name you think of in digital cameras, Samsung makes a decent piece of kit and its SL820 took the top prize in our recent summer shootout. So we figured you'd want to know that its WB1000 compact with those smokin' analog battery and capacity gauges is now on sale for KRW548,000 or about $418 closer to home. The 12.2 megapixel WB1000 features a 24-mm wide-angle 5x zoom Schneider-KREUZNACH lens and 1/2.33-inch CCD with 720p video record mode in H.264 format, max ISO 3200 sensitivity (at 3 megapixel resolution), and Samsung's Dual IS optical and digital image stabilization to compensate for hand jitter. The viewer won't disappoint either with a full 3-inch 480x260 AMOLED display rocking the backside. Why should you care? Check the video after the break to see how AMOLED compares to the TFT-LCD found on the Canon SD990 IS under different lighting and viewing angles. The winner is clear, no?

12.2-Megapixel, HD-Shooting Samsung WB1000/TL320 Arrives Next Week, Still Thinks It's a Car

Samsung has posted the full details of its WB1000 (née TL320) analog-gauged point-and-shoot, and its specs—like its exterior—are eye-catching.
The WB1000 is built around a 12.2 megapixel sensor, which is capable of shooting up to ISO 3200 (in reduced 3.2-megapixel mode) and 720p video, which can be smoothed, like SD video, with the camera's built-in optical stabilizer. The lens goes wide, at 24mm-120mm film equivalent focal lengths, and the aperture opens up to a respectable f2.8 at minimum zoom.

The outwardly visible features, though, steal the show. At the back you'll find a 3.0-inch hVGA+ (that's 480×360) OLED screen, and on top there are a set of actual analog gauges, for metering battery charge and SD space. The rest of the camera isn't as stylized, unfortunately, looking like a fairly run-of-the-mill point-an-shoot from most angles. (But oooh, the novelty!)

Luckily, the price is also mainstream. Crutchfield is
listing the product under the TL320 name for $380, which isn't bad at all, assuming picture and video quality are decent. According to the site, it'll ship on June 18th.

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Review: Samsung H106 Camcorder

1. SSD memory

Samsung releases the world first SSD memory Full-HD camcorder

Samsung has shown the world first SSD memory Full-HD camcorder in the CES 2009. SSD camcorders have better portability, transfer speed, noise, capacity, generation of heat, etc over HDD camcorders. On the SSD memory camcorder, Samsung puts on the 64GB capacity, so got an attention from all over the world with the Super storage Full-HD camcorder.

SSD (Solid State Drive) based on NAND flash which Samsung developed in 2005 is innovative data storage taking out motor and operating parts which were in HDD. Fast read/write speed reduces the booting time and battery consumption and is strong to noise and shock, so this has been attached in laptop and something as a B2B type. It was 16GB when it s announced, but in 2008 256GB(81g) has announced. This is transferred to the Full-HD camcorder. That s so Samsung.


8 strong points of SSD

This SSD memory camcorder has 8 strong points. It s lighter/smaller, fast, strong to shock and vibration, lower power consumption, temperature tolerance, lower noise/heat generation, reliability, and high capacity, so it s different from other camcorders in basic interfaces. Compared to flash based Cannon, it s 32GB bigger in capacity. It also supports SD/SDHC memory separately to consider users who are used to SD memories.

The new SSD memory Full-HD camcorder by Samsung Electronics is the HMX-H106 / HMS-H105 / HMX-H104. These 3 models have the same performance, but different capacity of the SSD. The H106 has 64GB, the H105 has 32GB, and the H104 has 16GB. Except slight color difference of outer part, the performance is totally the same.

(*This review is going on based on the H106 64GB.)


Up to 66 hours recording only with the SSD

Recording in SD quality, 66 hours of recording is possible with the 64GB internal memory. For the Full-HD quality, more than 12 hours, for the best Full-HD quality, it can take more than 8 hours. Besides, once another additional SDHC memory is attached, the recording time will increase. This is enough for one day recording. However, one video file size is limited to 2GB. When recording, if it s close to 2GB, you can automatically record again. This part is common in several products, but more capacity for one file is needed. Therefore, if you need longer recording file, you d better use HD or SD quality.

For more review, please click: http://www.segadget.com/entry/444



Almighty compact digital camera in a pocket, Samsung PL10 unboxing

As of Feb. 1st, Samsung Digital Imaging has been reborn by separating from Samsung Techwin , and I ve got an opportunity to review their new compact digital camera PL10 . In 4 weeks, I m going to use the PL10 and find out the product.

This is the first posting of my review and I m going to look at the appearance as a preview.

Last March, Samsung digital imaging has shown 13 kinds of digital cameras at the announcement of new products. It s the first lineup since the camera department has been independent from Samsung.

The products released this time consist of high-end digital cameras and popularized model with practical design and functions. WB and IT series with high zoom, ST series with stylish design, and PL series having functions have been released.

(Slim size compact digital camera PL10)

Among them, the PL10 is an inner zoom lens type compact digital camera not a protruding lens type. The inner zoom camera has strength in shot time after pushing a power button.

The inner zoom lens is imperative to make a camera slim. For a protruding lens type, the lens can be freely designed, but the lens makes the camera thicker. However, the lens size is bigger than the lens of inner zoom lens type, so it s more bright.

The inner zoom lens type can take a simple quick picture any time, because the lens doesn t protrude. On the other hand, it s weak to shake due to the slimness, so the IS (Image Stabilization) is necessary, and hard to secure light. Therefore, how they solve the weakness will decide the destiny of the product.

Once, Inner zoom lens type cameras were more expensive than protruding type cameras, because there was a lot of technology to cover the weak points of small lens. However, now the technology becomes normal, so there s no difference in price.

Let s take a look at the package and appearance of the PL10.

The box is similar to a cell phone box. Looking at the picture of the box, it seems like a cell phone or PMP, because the lens is not focused much.

Normally, features of the product are put on the box. This has 5 functions such as 9M pixels, optical 3x zoom, 2.7 inch LCD, MP3P and PMP, and smart face recognition. That customers can recognize the functions with a glimpse of an eye is the design point of the package.

The MP3P function of the PL10 reminds me of the Samsung Kenox #1 MP3. The #1 which was released on 2005 adopted the inner zoom lens like the PL10, and was able to play MP3 files. Dong-Gun Jang was the model of TV commercial, so it was impressive. As a same series model, there was #11 PMP which could play videos.

The PL10 has not released officially, yet. There s no Korean manual in this PL10 package. Instead, in the CD, there s a Korean manual as a PDF file. The power adaptor is provided for Korean. Like other VLUU products, a battery charger is not provided.

It consists of body, 900mAh battery, 4.2V output USB charge adaptor, USB cable, A/V cable, earphones (1 set of earphone cover), hand strap, manual, and program CD. It could have been better if there had been an LCD protection film. And the strap is a little too long. When putting the camera in the case, the strap dangles down.

The battery is SLB-0936 compatible with other Samsung VLUU compact digital cameras like i8, L730, L830, and NV4. It s 3.7V 900mAh Li-Ion battery. Full charge takes only 3 hours. It s good to charge occasionally. Complete discharge can reduce the life of the battery.

Samsung digital imaging is selling the battery at 20,000 won from their homepage. One more battery is useful for outside shots. But the charger is not on sale. In open market, the products by third party are on sale.

The battery time on the manual is 140 min for 900M pixels pictures (280 shots), 130 min for video recording, 330 min for MP3, 250 min for PMP, and 210 min for text viewer.

The output of the adaptor is a USB type. While normal USB is 5V, the provided charge uses 4.2V 400mA. It can be charged by the PC s USB port 5V 500mA. Instead, if it s connected with other USB devices at the same time, it may not be charged.

The USB cable is compatible with the cell phone 20 pin port. I mean for data transfer it s different (20 pin transfer cable for cell phones can be used for camera data transfer), but charge by the USB is compatible with cell phones. With the 20 pin charge of cell phone, it s possible to charge. This can be a great point, because you don t need to carry many charge cable. The LCD is red when charging, and green when the charge is done.

It s the A/V cable. One side is 20 pin port, and the other side is for video and audio. The yellow is video, and white is audio. Because the PL10 supports mono sound, it has only one audio port. It s used to connect to a TV or a composite port for display.

The bundle earphones are compatible with standard cell phone 20 pin, so earphones for cell phones can be used, and vice versa. But because of the cell phone standard, 3.5mm standard can t be used. This is inevitable for a slim digital camera.

Cell phone standard is a strong point, but I think it was much better if they provided a gender for 3.5mm, because I could have connected a speaker. But because this supports a cell phone type, if using a 3.5mm gender type earphone, speaker can be used. The sound quality of the bundle earphones is not bad. The design of the earphones is similar to the iPod bundle earphones. You can put the cover on them, If you want.

Let s take a look at the body. I ve got a red one. (The official color is Arty red.) Sometimes, it s called wine red. Generally, a red color is considered for a woman. I can see the LaFleur flower pattern. LaFleur means a flower in French. It can be seen a lot from Samsung MP3P Yepp.

It comes with 5 colors such as black, purple, titan silver, candy pink, and arty red.

From the front, on the left, there s a projection for middle finger for better grip. I could see this is designed for being held by women s hand. That doesn t mean this camera is for a woman. This can be small to those who have big hands. With a small change on just a steel body, it has better grip.

On the right top, there s an inner zoom lens. It s off and the lens is closed. Next, AF, self timer lamp, and flash are located. Normal F3.5~4.5 and 6.3-18.9mm focus length are displayed. Optical 3x zoom is also here.

For your reference, an inner zoom lens has a high F value (Low brightness), because the lens size is small. It means you will use flash more frequently. (High number is low brightness.)

Because there s no view finder hole, the back is neat. Generally, slim digital cameras don t provide a view finder hole. Therefore, you have to take a picture using the LCD screen spending a lot of power.

On the right side of the 230K 2.7 inch TFT LCD, control buttons are located. Status lamp, Zoom in/out, shot mode, menu button, direct play, and function buttons are located. There s one more glass plate on the LCD, but I don t know it s an intensified glass. If it is, protection film is not needed.

Looking at the top, you can see how slim this camera is. The design is made for inner zoom lens digital camera. On the center, a power button is located. When turning it on, the green light becomes on. It s quite bright in a dark place. The right button is a shutter button, and there s a microphone for recording between them. One microphone input means the recording is mono type.

On the left, there s a speaker for MP3 or video playing and a name of the product PL10

On the bottom, a tripod hole and battery/memory slots are located. It s not different from other slim digital camera design. For the button opening/closing the slots, it has 3 small projections for easy closing and opening. Product serial number is also here.

It s the left side. At the very upper size, universal port for charge, data transfer, and earphone connection is located. The cover is open by slightly pulling it up with your nail. Strap hole is located below.

Battery and memory are put in. It is hard to adjust the blue battery holder for big hands.

Turning it on, language and time setting comes up. The initial setting is English. Of course, it supports Korean. The GUI of the PL10 is not bad.

I ve looked at the package and appearance. Let s take a look at the specification of the PL10

Size : 97.4mm x 62.4mm x 21mm (Except protruding part)
Weight : 120.7g (Except battery and memory card)
Image sensor : 1/2.5"(App. 1.02 cm)CCD
Pixel : 900M pixels
Lens : f=6.3mm ~ 18.9mm
F value : F3.5 ~ F4.5
Zoom : Optical 3x, Digital 5x
Screen : 2.7" 230K pixels TFT LCD
Shutter speed : 1 ~ 1/2,000 sec
ISO : auto, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
IS : DIS (Digital Image Stabiliztion)
Video : MPEG-4, 800x592 (20 fps), 640x480, 320x240 (30 fps), Video editing function, Max. 3x zoom

Voice recording : Up to 10 hours, 10 sec for voice memo
Memory : Internal memory 196MB, External Memory : SD, SDHC(up to 8GB), MMC Plus
Storing type : Still image JPEG(DCF), EXIF 2.21, DPOF 1.1, PictBridge 1.0 Video AVI(MPEG-4), Voice WAV
Music player : SRS EQ, 48 ~ 320 kbps MP3

Video player : Xvid MPEG-4
Text viewer : ANSI, Unicode, UTF-8

The PL10 is an inner zoom lens type slim digital camera. It has 9M pixels with IS function. And multimedia functions such as MP3 with SRS Eq and videos with MPEG-4 are also supported.

This product has also various shot functions. The camera takes all by itself using a Smart function without complicated setting, and I m going to explain that with more review.