Sunday, November 29, 2009

Review: Easily Share Your Valuable Memory !

Here is a review about Samsung C10 camcorder.

SMX-C10_01HANDSONMOBILE Luxurious and Sharp crystal rose cam

SMX-C10_02HANDSONMOBILE <Appearance>

SMX-C10_03HANDSONMOBILE The SMX-C10/C14 comes with 3 colors such as red/blue/grey, and by adopting high glossy coating, luxurious and sharp feeling stylish design is outstanding. The size is 38.5mm x 56.5mm x 114mm such a small, and the weight is 156g, and including a battery, it’s just 162g of weight.

SMX-C10_04HANDSONMOBILE The design of this product is based on black tone color and metallic coating around lens, the LCD joint and zoom/recording control part. Through that, it emphasizes the simplicity, and the curved line from the front to the top adopts the double coating reminding the piano, and the gradation with red/blue/grey makes this more luxurious. The plastic of grip part reminding an sand blasted aluminum reduces the slipperiness, and the small body provides better grip.

SMX-C10_05HANDSONMOBILE SMX-C10_06HANDSONMOBILE The 2.7 inch LCD provides cool display which couldn’t be seen from minimalism products. The control buttons around the LCD consist of joystick type which is combination of menu and way buttons and recording buttons. On the side of the product coming out when openign the LCD, power, one touch share, display adjustment, Easy.Q, play button, speaker, and USB port are located.

Free and convenient!

SMX-C10_07HANDSONMOBILE <Specification>

SMX-C10_08HANDSONMOBILE Different from former products, the battery cover opens when pushing it to open direction, and after opening the cover, memory and battery slot, power port, and AV port are noticed. This supports SD/SDHC/MMC plus memory which are widely used and cheap. Composite port(Voice left/right 2 lines, video 1 line) normally used is supported for AV port, and the battery time is 160 min continuous recording and 180 min of continuous playing time. The power source is through the power adaptor and also the USB connection to charge it, and using the adaptor, it takes 2 hours to fully charge, while 3 hours and 40 min by the USB. The USB port is normally used USB MINI-B, so with a computer, you can charge it anywhere, so you don’t need to carry the adaptor.

SMX-C10_09HANDSONMOBILE The SMX-C10/C14 takes the advantage of the HMX-R10 and makes up for the weak points. The 25 degree tilted lens makes it up the weak point of the grip by reducing the size and look better. The 25 degree tilted lens is made up for the wrist bent, so it reduces the fatigue on wrist and joint by not bending the wrist, and by securing the view, it’s very convenient to record a video.

SMX-C10_10HANDSONMOBILE Distortion for TV out by resolution

SMX-C10_11HANDSONMOBILE The SMX-C10 only supports a video recording, and the C10 also supports the picture. The H.264 codec has been adopted for videos, so it reduces the power consumption and size of files to provide the best capacity. With 720×480(60i), this supports TV highest/TV high/TV standard, while with 640×480(30p), it supports Web high/Standard. When TV out, many LCD/PDP TV supports 16:9 ratio, so 4:3/16:9 can be selected. Therefore, you can watch not distorted videos on wide TV, and it’s like this supports 10 resolutions.

Video capacity table

SMX-C10_12HANDSONMOBILE Picture size

SMX-C10_13HANDSONMOBILE Setting the high reolution and quality, the SMX-C10 can record 12 hours and 40 min with the 32GB SDHC memory, and when it comes to the SMX-C14 has the 16GB internal memory, so 6 hours and 20 min recording is possible, and on top of that, with the 32GB SDHC memory, it supports 12 hours and 40 min, so up to 19 hours recording is supported. The SMX-C14 has the picture function and supports 4:3 / 16:9 modes. The resolution of 4:3 mode is 800×600 and 1600×1200, and 16:9 mode is 848×480 and 1696×960.

Easy, but different!


SMX-C10_15HANDSONMOBILE This camcorder has normal digital camcorder functions, but it’s not easy to understand all the options and use them. The SMX-C10/C14 supports the iScene mode and EasyQ mode. These 2 functions are to automatically set options according to the situations quickly.

SMX-C10_16HANDSONMOBILE The iScene function can be checked and changed through the men, and when changing the mode by the iScene, if there’s a set value which is the same as the automatically set value, it changes to the automatic set value. The iScene supports 15 modes such as sport, portrait, spotlight, beach, snow, fast movement, food, waterfalls, sunny, cloudy, fluorescent light, light bulb, evening, and deep night. When setting the auto mode, it changes to the optimized mode.

Users can set resolution, 16:9, exposure compensation, backlight compensation, focus, HDIS, effects, fader, wind noise elimination, digital zoom, interval recording, and guideline. The video resolution and 16:9 setting can be set like I explained before, and the exposure compensation can be adjusted to +-2, so it’s convenient to change brightness. The backlight compensation makes you get brighter picture, if objects are taken darkly due to the backlight. The focus can be set to auto, face recognition, and manual setting. The auto sets the focus on the close objects, the face recognition sets the focus when it recognizes objects as a person on the screen by eyes, nose, and mouth, and the manual sets the focus by using the way button located on the left side of the LCD. The HDIS has been improved from the DIS, so more smooth videos can be recorded.

SMX-C10_17HANDSONMOBILE This supports 11 effects such as normal, black and white, sepia, reversion, art, emboss, mosaic, mirror, pastel, whitish, and step printing. For normal video, ‘norma’l, for old style video ‘black and white’, or ‘sepia’, for a reversed video ‘reversion’, and for a video like a comics ‘art’ can be selected. You can choose ‘emboss’ for 3 dimension feeling, ‘mosaic’ for mosaic, ‘mirror’ for symmetry video, ‘pastel’ for pastel feeling video, ‘whitish’ for clean and transparent feeling video, and ‘step printing’ for low frame video.

SMX-C10_18HANDSONMOBILE The fader is fading effect like a TV or a movie, and 3 settings such as beginning, end, and beginning-end are supported. When it’s noisy, setting the wind noise elimination, the noise is reduced. Basically, this supports 10x optical zoom, and setting the digital zoom, up to 1200x zoom is possible.

SMX-C10_19HANDSONMOBILE You have seen sunrise and sunset, and flower blooming with sunshine for many times. The interval recording makes it possible to watch the long time scene such as natural phenomenon. This supports 3 guidelines such as cross, lattice, and TV stable region, so according to angles and output type, users can use the appropriate guideline.

SMX-C10_20HANDSONMOBILE For those who don’t want to use the iscene mode, there’s a Easy.Q mode. This mode is an auto mode of digital camera, sets every option automatically and optimizes them. It’s useful in various situations, because optimized setting is possible. However, once using this option, users can’t change any options. The 2 modes and options can also be applied to the picture function of C14 for great pictures.

SMX-C10_21HANDSONMOBILE Through the mode button located on the side, users can check and edit videos. Through this mode, users can preview the recorded video, and for functions, play setting, delete, protection, storyboard print, print, and sharing functions are supported.

SMX-C10_22HANDSONMOBILE The video which the cursor is located can be previewed, and when selecting it, it’s played on the full screen. 4 options such as whole play, play one, repeat whole, and repeat one are supported. Recorded videos can be edited without any separate program, and the basically provided editing functions are divide and mix. Going into the play mode->menu->edit->divide, you can see the selection screen, and once choosing it, it starts to play, and after pausing, selecting the divide button activated, the division is executed. Executing Edit->Mix, the screen becomes the same screen as the screen making the playlist. And selecting the 2 files, the order is displayed, and the OK button is activated. Once touching the Ok, the mix is started.

SMX-C10_23HANDSONMOBILE The storyboard print randomly takes out 16 scenes from a video, and stores them as a picture. Through this picture, people will know the content of the video without watching the video, so it’s very useful, when uploading a video on the web.

Review: Knocking on the front LCD of ST550(TL225)!!

Here is a review about Samsung ST550 dual LCD digital camera.

Review: Let’s dig a ST550(TL225) fresh review

Here is a review about Samsung ST550 digital cameral.

Different from last year, in this year, there was no many tropical nights, but since August, it’s has been hot, so the tourists are crowed with a lot of people. (My friends are busy to make a plan for vacation. I’m so sorry that I can’t enjoy the vacation for my personal reason.) When I look at the people taking pictures with a digital camera in a tourist, I envy them very much.

For this vacation season, digital camera makers have released their distinguished new products. The ST550(TL225) I’m reviewing from Samsung Digital Imaging is a sensible designed product like other ST series, and I could see this product has the innovative front display. (Users having good sense already knew that.)

It’s so long time ago, since I reviewed a camera, so I’m a little afraid and nervous. Through the review of the ST550(TL225), let’s take a look at the design, functions, and performance.



More details about ST550(TL225) here.



I didn’t have any inconvenience to carry this, because of the size 99.8×59.8×18.6mm and the weight 165.7g. (Certainly, it’s a little bigger and heavier than other ST series, so I couldn’t be satisfied with the portability for 100%. However, with a little more weight, I could take more stable shots than before.)

The design of the product is so satisfactory, and I think this is one of the best design cameras among all Samsung digital Imaging cameras which I’ve reviewed so far. The wide screen to minimize the button part is so outstanding, and the high-glossy UV coating for sensible and elegant feeling is also very satisfactory. (There’s no extra part, and it’s so sharp and neat product. If you think the design is important for a digital camera, I strongly recommend this product.)


top36 It’s the front of the body. It has 27~124.2mm (There’s no problem to take wide and standard angle shots. I think it’s a quite ideal angle.) Schneider protruding optical zoom lens(4.6x), and it supports F3.5(W)~5.9(T). (It’s quite different from the WB series having F2.8.) @Not only does it support 12.2M pixels, but also it has Dual IS function, so you can take satisfactory pictures any time.

There’s a flash on the left top, and on the lens side, there’s AF&Self timer lamp. It also has the front display (World’s first), so perfect self shot is possible. (It’s totally different from a convex lens or face recognition. You can take a self shot with looking at your face, so the picture is much more satisfactory.) @It supports the Smart gesture UI, so tapping on the front LCD, it  is automatically activated.



It’s the top of the body. In the center, a microphone is attached, so you can easily record the sound when recording a video. On the side, a power button is located (Because LED is also located, you can easily see the status of power.), and shutter button and zoom buttons are also there. (On the bottom, the status display LED and play buttons are located, so you can easily see videos and pictures.) @ Zoom button is small compared to other products, so at first, I couldn’t be used to it. I think it should have been better if it changes the position with the play button and the size and angle of the zoom button.


top37 It’s the back of the product. Different from other product having some buttons, it has adopted the 3.5 inch wide (1,152K color) wide touch LCD for better display. (Even though it’s the TFT LCD, I could fee the same vividness and strength as the OLED of the WB1000. It also has a good viewing angle, and the touch response was also very good. And as a haptic product, it was so impressive that it supports the vibration feedback.) @This minimizes the buttons, so almost all functions have to be controlled by touch, but there was no inconvenience much. The large display makes finger touch easier. Moreover, like other touch panel installed product, it supports the gesture function, so rotation, magnification, and delete of pictures can be done by fingers. (Please, refer to the video preview.)


top12 It’s the left side of the product, and you can see the strap ring there. (You can connect the hand strap included and hang on your neck.)


top19 top40

It’s the bottom of the product. The mount hall for tripod connection is installed and 34 pin for USB and A/V connection is also located. (It’s not universal 20 pin, but 34 pin. Using an accessory not included, HDMI output is possible.) On the side, battery is attached with the card slot. (Unlike other product, it has Micro SD memory. They said it guarantees 4GB, but the 8GB MicroSDHC was perfectly recognized.) @It also supports 55MB internal memory.top9


It’s the simple comparison of size. We can see the small size of the product. (The size is similar to smart phones or premium MP3P.)

@ Body, Power adaptor, USB cable, battery, hand strap, A/V cable, CD (Including user manual), and quick manual are provided, and case, memory card, HDMI cable / adaptor, and remote controller will be on sale.

bar3 top3 We’ve looked at the design and features. Now, let’s take a look at the functions this supports.ui901

It’s the main UI. As a touch screen product, we can see various additional functions can be set here. On the left top, the mode is displayed, and on the lower part, flash, self timer, and front LCD settings are possible. On the right side, including the motion recognition setting button, menu buttons are provided, and on the lower part, the quick menu is displayed. (Through the quick menu, you don’t need to go into each menu. You can simply set the function.) @ The motion recognition function is so impressive. Like the picture, holding the button and tilting the camera to this direction, the mode and function are automatically executed.ui902

We can see it supports 6 modes. Including the smart auto which automatically recognizes a scene and allows us to take satisfactory pictures, it supports auto program mode, and unlike other low range product supporting DIS, this basically supports Dual IS mode. This also supports scene mode including the beauty shot and video function, so the camera is useful for a lot of works. (Through the HD video recording function, this can also be used as a camcorder.)