Monday, January 31, 2011

Samsung HMX-R10 HD 720p 60frame

Following is a video sample of HMX-R10 full HD camcorder.

Beautiful Moment SAMSUNG ST100

Following is a review of ST100 dual LCD camera.

This is the first camera from Samsung to come out in the second half of 2010, the ST100. The ST100 has beautiful design, a smooth finish that lets you know that it will be a great contender in the small digital camera market in 2010.clip_image001

It comes in 4 different colors violet, gold, hot pink, and black. Except the black one, all the other colors catch people’s attention immediately. The rounded appearance and coated surface is really awesome.
It has an inner 5x zoom type optical Schneider lens with a focal length of 35-175mm. This is much better length than other inner zoom lenses. By adopting the 1/2.3” CCD, it supports 14.2M pixels still images and 720p HQ movie recording.
To be honest I didn’t know about this camera until it was given to me to review. But I’m impressed with it, it even has a Dual view system.


On the front of the camera is a LCD making this camera an official ‘Dual view camera.’ The front LCD is hidden, but when atticated it does take on the color of the camera a little but its different from the normal front LCD because it big, 1.8”.

The camera itself is 100x60x200mm and weighs 135g. Pretty small, great for some self shots. I was a little worried that the shinny body of the camera would interfere with the photos but it didn’t cause any problem at all. Really nice design.


The design of the top of the ST100 is noticeable with the 7 degree slanted design which makes self shots more convenient. Especially, the rounded button design, light, and play button supporting one touch play.


I took self shots by using the front LCD. This camera also supports smile shot function which automatically takes a shot when it detects a smile.


If these kinds of functions were difficult to use, no one would use them. However, it’s not with the ST100. Users can just push F.LCD button on the top, and presto it’s on. It has 5 useful functions such as Self shot, Children mode which shows a funny animation to get the attention from children, Couple mode for 2 people, Jump shot, and Smile icon showing a smile icon when the shutter half pushed to tell you when to smile.


It has 11.52M pixels and a 3.5” wide Full HD touch LCD. Most of the touch menus are inactive to prevent miss touching. The key icon on the lower side of the screen is to unlock the hold function, so pushing that button the functions become available to use.

I’ll show you the self shot mode by having it demonstrated by my friend.


Look at this picture; he’s looking at the front LCD which makes the shot a bit awkward. He’s not used to these types of cameras at all.



These 2 pictures were taken by people who know how to set the composition. It looks much better than the previous picture.

In order to get a great self shot or couple shot on must remember to not hold the lens area or you finger might cover up the lens. It’s best to hold it where the shutter button is. And the great thing about this camera it automatically takes a photo when you smile, so there’s no need to push the shutter button, which can shake the images.


The ST100 has all the functions which have been applied to Samsung cameras.


Let’s take a look at the composition of the main menu. Some customers thought the main menu is a separate mode which gathers convenient functions, but actually Program mode which allows users to change all the specifications of the camera is the real main menu. The ST100 uses the touch function as much as possible, so it arranges mode icon on the left top, basic icons such as flash, focus and timer below, and on the right side, movement of menu icon. Menu icon is arranged on the lower side, pop up type sub menu is separate. So, this minimizes the necessity to find the menu icon to change the function.


The ST100 has Smart Auto 2.0 which automatically detects 17 modes and helps take perfect shots. It supports 12 different scene modes and 9 kinds of photo sizes such as 4320×3240 14M pixels, 4320×2880 12M pixels, and 4320×2432 10M pixels. The 10M or higher allow users to watch images on HDTV and HD LCD monitor in full screen. It supports ISO 80 to 3200 and ±2 level of exposure compensation with the increments of 1/3.





Among the above pictures, the first 2 pictures were taken without EV and other 2 pictures were taken with -1.30 and -1.70 EV. Actually, it’s really difficult to take a picture of the sky with a compact digital camera, but the ST100 was very good at this. For your information, I put these sky pictures in the sample section because I find when I’m outside I tend to take a ton of pictures of the sky as the subject, if not then it’s definitely in the background. And an ugly sky is an ugly photo.


(Sketch Style)



(Without Defog style and with Defog)

The ST100 has a Smart Filter function, and in this part 2 kinds of styles have been added. Therefore, Smart Filter is also divided into Smart Lens effect such as Miniature, Vignetting, Fish eye 1/2 and Style such as Sketch and Defog.


For customers that grew up in the HD and YouTube generation, the movie recording is important. The ST100 supports 720p HQ HD movie and 320p movie recording for web sites. It also supports Smart Movie recording similar to smart photo settings. And for normal movie recording, Smart Filter can be applied. Through the 2 styles of Smart Lens effects, users will have more fun when watching their movies.


Samsung cameras have advanced portrait photos by reducing hand blur and making faces more vivid, and this is because portraits shot are the most common kind of photo. This camera includes Face Detection, technology that sees who in the photo and sets the setting to capture them the best.


In play mode, including Smart Album, various retouching functions are supported. The important thing in this retouching menu is that it makes two separate files, the original and the retouched image. So users don’t have to worry about making a bad decision when playing with the photos.

The play menu is really nice with the touch screen. Things move around on it easily to the touch of your finger.


The ST100 has taken all the Samsung technologies and combined them into a small compact camera. The design is really nice and with the front LCD it great to be able to take self shot, or shots with my friends easily. No more missing those important shots with friends. Not to mention is completely hidden when it inactive.

It also supports Gesture UI, effects, upgraded Smart Filter and Smart Auto 2.0 for users to remember the beautiful moment more beautifully as a Samsung’s beautiful camera.

Here is the link to the source:

NX100 Bean Pole Edition Case Images

Following is a link to the SLR site that posted some NX100 Bean Pole editon case images.

It is written in Korean. Just refer to the images.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Samsung HMX R10 footage

Following is an video sample of Samsung's HMX-R10 full HD camcorder.

WB2000 AF Test Video

Following is a video sample showing an AF (manual selection) interface of WB2000 camera.

Samsung i function 20mm Lens Guide

Here is a video sample of the Samsung i-Function 20mm lens guide.

Friday, January 28, 2011

HMX-S16 Video Sample

Following is a video sample of HMX-S16 full HD camcorder.

Samsung i function 20mm Lens Guide

Following is a video showing the display changes as the lens is rotated at an i-Function value.

Samsung WB2000(TL350) Camera to enjoy more with!

Following is a review of WB2000 camera.

New way to express the limitless time,
Samsung high end compact camera WB2000
Time is limitless. It was, is, and will be going on. It never stops by anything. That’s why people try to leave the trace of the time. Some people have some items, draw a picture, or take a picture to remember a precious moment. There are more various ways, but I think a picture and video is the one that leaves the most vivid record. However, it’s very difficult to find a camcorder or camera satisfying everything. Even if it was found, the price always mattered. However, if you have the WB2000 from Samsung, you don’t have to worry about finding one, because it can take both Full HD movie and 10M Full size picture.
This is a long review. Here is the link to the source.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Samsung HMX-Q10 camcorder at CES 2011 - Which? first look review

Following is a short review of HMX-Q10 camcorder reveiwed by "Which?" at CES 2011.

NX i-Function Lens Display

Following is a link to a video sample for the i-Function lens operation.

AP Award Winners 2011: the NX100 and the NX10!

Here is an article about the AP Award Winner 2011 posted by SamsungImaging.
Amateur Photographer ‘ has awarded Samsung’ s mirrorless system cameras, the NX100 and the NX10, for AP Award 2011.
According to Wikipedia, Amateur Photographer is the world’s oldest consumer weekly photographic magazine, first hitting the newsstands on 10 October 1884; making it over 125 years old. The Test Reports from past publications can be purchased online from TestReports. There are nearly 9,000 tests available; consisting of reviews of cameras, lenses and other equipment. To read more information, click here.

The magazine has announced the AP Award 2011 winners in several categories. The Amateur Photographer Awards has recognised the best photographic equipment for 35 years. There were 18 categories for 2011, 15 of which are for excellence in product design and function, two for outstanding people of our time, and a further category for good retail service.

Winner of Entry Compact System Camera of the Year – Samsung NX100

The Samsung NX100 is Samsung’s third mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, following in the footsteps of the closely related NX5 and NX10 which launched in April and June 2010, respectively.

Winner of Advanced Compact System Camera of the Year – Samsung NX10

The NX10 is Samsung’s first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera whose compact body, high resolution, and rapid AF sensor fulfilled the needs of its users.

A full list of this year’s star performers is published here.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

HMX-S16 Video Sample (Foggy Day)

Here is a video sample in a foggy day recorded by a HMX-S16 full HD camcorder.

Wanna be friends with Bung Bung?

Followings are images taken by a PL51 (SL203) user.

Our Bung Bung was found in a trash bin. He was too skinny and sick when we found him. He was also very afraid of people; we think he might have been abused all the time. Although he may not have liked us at first, he now cares for every friend in our home, especially new friends!


Samsung PL51(SL203) l 1/350s l f/2.8 l ISO 100 l 6.2mm


Samsung PL51(SL203) l 1/350s l f/2.8 l ISO 100 l 6.2mm


Samsung PL51(SL203) l 1/350s l f/2.8 l ISO 100 l 6.2mm


Samsung PL51(SL203) l 1/180s l f/4.0 ISO 100 l 12.3mm

When he first came to our house, he did not even try to get close to us; instead, he just sat by himself in a corner of the house.


Samsung PL51(SL203) l 1/500s l f/2.8 ISO 100 l 6.2mm


Samsung PL51(SL203) l 1/350s l f/2.8 ISO 100 l 6.2mm

As time went by, he started having fun with friends by jumping around the garden outside.


Samsung PL51(SL203) l 1/125s l f/4.4 ISO 100 l 14.1mm


Samsung PL51(SL203) l 1/350s l f/3.7 ISO 100 l 10.5mm


Samsung PL51(SL203) l 1/500s l f/2.8 ISO 100 l 6.2mm

We try our best to respect every animal and to get closer to those who are afraid of humans. We wish for them to be happy and comfortable with humans!

Here is the link to the source:

Amateur Photographer Award Winners 2011

The Amateur Photographer magazine, one of the famous photograph magazines in England has posted the list of awards called, "Amateur Photographer Award Winners 2011" which is held once a year.
It has various categories and only one product is awared per category.
Samsungs' NX10 and NX100 received awards in "Advanced Compact System Camera of the Year", and "Entry Compact System Camera of the Year".
Here is the link to the site of the AP Award Winners 2011.

The categories are:
. Entry-level camera
. High-end camera
. Advanced compact system camera
. Entry compact system camera
. Consumer compact camera
. Enthusiast compact camera
. Fixed focal length lens
. Zoom lens
. Technical innovation