Friday, January 7, 2011

Clay House 26. An unexpected Surprise in the toilet

Following is an event of Clahy House 26 provided by SamsungImaging.


Hello Samsungimaging’s friends & 2011! It has been a while that all of us have gained 1 more year. How sad… But when we think about posting the next Clay house 26 event, We are just happy again like before. So those who are feeling sad for whatever reason, Must join our event. Because you are going to be happy with loads of Fun & Free hand made toy!

How to participate :
Join in our event by posting a comment below this post of your Clay house blog 26′s title along with your e-mail address.
Or If you are familiar with @Samsungimaging, tweet your own title with hash tag, #NewyearEvent!
Please remember that the blog title has to be written in English.
Event Prize :
If your title gets selected, you will be receiving clay doll of Clay house Episode 26!!

Event period :
~ 2011. 01. 07 GMT 00: 00

Winner :

@piginfo(Congratulation!), The title is ‘An unexpected surprise in the toilet’

Shark is living under the sea. Shark thinks he has to go on his nature business and brush his teeth. He could not find any place better than toilet. So He secretly goes into toilet.


<OMG, You caught me!>


<See Shark is doing his own business>


<Shark is brushing his teeth>


Congratulation again, @piginfo. We are appreciate your title and attention on us!

Our forth mission is ended now. You have the last clay event posts to enjoy! So stay with us & see final clay house event on 10th of Jan 2011.

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