Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NX100 as the Samsung’s most powerful resource

Following is a review of Samsung NX100 by PopcoNet.

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The rush of the NX

The NX from Samsung consists of equipment from Samsung such as sensor, lens, image processor, AMOLED screen, battery, and various accessories. Panasonic and Sony have similar products, but I think Samsung has the most powerful resources. Samsung has already made 3 compact interchangeable lens type cameras with 5 different lenses. It’s been about a year since the NX10. The NX10 was just the beginning. I’m anticipating the next models. The world’s first i-Function lens NX100, firmware upgrade for previous users, APS-C, and the upgrade of contrast AF. Samsung is so passionate that no one can deny the great work of Samsung for the NX series.

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