Friday, January 14, 2011

Samsung out NX11 at CES

Following is a preview of the NX11 mirrorless camera.
Here is the link to the preview:

There's no word on price, but it's expected to be in the region of £599 inc VAT. From the specification sheet below, the NX11 adopts the same 14.6-megapixel resolution sensor as the NX10 (though the sensor / pipeline maybe updated slightly) and will be available in February. We're waiting for Samsung to supply images, but as it's based on the NX10, we don't expect there to be much difference visually. A 20mm pancake and a 20-50mm zoom have also been announced.


Samsung Launches the NX11, the Latest NX System Camera and Lens Line Up
Create high quality images with the camera’s easy-to-use i-Function lens

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