Saturday, January 8, 2011

CES 2011 (PopPhoto): First Hands On With Samsung NX11, SH100 and WB700 has announed an article of Samsung's new digital cameras shown at CES 2011 held in Las Vegas.
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image-pop samsung ces 6

Last night's "CES Unveiled" event wasn't very dense with new cameras, but Samsung did have their recently announced models on-hand for up-close looks. We got some quick first impressions from these pre-production units.


The first thing we noticed about Samsung's new budget-friendly ($199), super-connected compact was how small it is. Even compared to the Canon S90 with which this picture was taken, it felt tiny and extremely light in the hand. Unfortunately, they didn't have a Galaxy S smartphone on-hand to show off its Android connectivity, which we're very much looking forward to messing with.

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