Thursday, January 13, 2011

Small, but Powerful Digital Camera WB2000

Following is a part of the long review of WB2000 from NoteForum.
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Only a few years ago, the performance and various functions were the key to succeeding in the market, but these days, design and mobility should also be considered. The performance gets higher, while the size of the product gets smaller increasing the mobility. Companies will keep trying to please their customers.

The WB2000 from Samsung has both great mobility and performance. Unlike most other digital cameras which happen to be mobile or to have great performance. As the highest Samsung camera from the WB series, it supports differentiated functions such as Panorama and powerful Full HD movie recording.

Like the previous WB1000, it has style and a sensible design. Let’s take a look at the design, functions, and performance, through this review.

Because I review a product that is not an official release, the specifications might be different from the official release.



It is 99.5 x 59 x 21.7 mm and weights 152g, which lets it be very mobile. Normally, a camera with this great of mobility has only a few good functions with a relatively low performance. However, the WB2000 supports perfect manual shooting and great picture/movie quality even with the small size. I think the mobility is the biggest advantage of the WB2000.

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