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Tommy&Tiky:FAQ – Tripod ‘exclusively tailored’ to camcorders

Following is an information about the tripod.

Hello, it’s Tiky again!

I have an exclusive news for you guys. I’ve reviewed a tripod for camcorder before. Remember that? It was about 8months ago. Title with “Camcorder with an unique active angle lens tripod” , check this article again! Now I have another tips for you. The thing I’d like to tell you guys is we have a tripod exclusively tailored to camcorders like HMX-S16! Let’s find out how this wonderful tool works and helps you ulimately.

Just like a camera, camcorders come with different handy accessories. However, only a limited number of camcorders can use accessories such as microphone. Samsung recently launched a high-end camcorder called HMX-S16, to which a wide variety of accessories can be attached. On top, HMX-S16 has an accessory shoe to connect to accessories. Then, let’s take a look at accessories that will be very usefully in filming way better quality video.

Tripod ‘exclusively tailored’ to camcorders

One of the most frequently committed errors of camcorder users is to use the tripod for cameras that you already have. Or, even worse, buying a tripod for camera to use for camcorder, failing to acknowledge the difference between the two! Having totally different purposes of recording snap shot vs. movement, the tripods for the two have fundamentally different shape.

Tripod head for camcorder (video camera)

What you see here is the typical head of tripods for video cameras. At a quick glance, you might not be able to tell the difference, but how they work is totally different. With the tripod for camera, the head is fixed and remains fixed at the desired location. However, for camcorder tripod, the head holds still even if you don’t fix it strongly. You can also turn the camcorder around sideways without shaking.

Meanwhile, as cameras record stand-still images, the head is fixed at the desired location, not tolerating an inch of movement. Even if you were to place a camcorder on top and tighten it to the middle, you are bound to have blurry images if you move it up and down.

Now, let’s take a look at what this means in real life.

Camcorder attached to a camera tripod and moved up/down and sideways

Camcorder (video camera) attached to a dedicated tripod and moved up/down and sideways

So, anyone thinking “That is why my image was so shaky!” rather than “I didn’t know camcorder tripods are so stable!”? If you surf the web or browse shops, you can easily find that such information is not clearly delivered to the customer. For a non-expert, it’s difficult to be aware of such information. If you have ever had trouble using a tripod, check if the tripod is fit for the purpose first. If not, I strongly recommend that you get a dedicated tripod for the best results!

If you guys want to learn active angle like SMX-C20, here’s the link of thread! ▷Camcorder with an unique active angle lens tripod.

Until next time, bye-bye!

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