Sunday, April 17, 2011

‘Jump & Shoot!’ Samsung MENA Promotion: How to Win the Brand New 2View Camera!

Here is an article about PL120 2View camera. Do you want to win the latest Samsung 2View camera? If so, here’s a tempting online contest!

Samsung Camera MENA (short for ‘Middle East and North Africa’) is launching a photo contest titled ‘Jump & Shoot’ on its Facebook page to announce the unveiling of the brand-new 2View camera.

Winners will be awarded the PL120 on this event. Shall we briefly find out about the PL120? The PL120, one of the latest Samsung 2View cameras including the PL170 and ST700, is the perfect digital camera for capturing your daily life and special moments. The extra 1.5” LCD on the front of the camera is ideally positioned for taking self-portraits and group shots, and the PL120 will come in handy when having fun with friends. It has Children Mode and downloadable animation options to keep kids’ attention. Also, the Jump Shot mode offers a countdown before taking two continuous shots. Isn’t it awesome? You will never have more fun with other cameras! To win this PL120, please make sure you know how to enter the contest by reading the instructions below.

How to apply

1. Go to the ‘Jump & Shoot’ tab on Samsung Camera MENA’s Facebook page :

2. Enter the contest

3. Fill in your information and upload your jump shot, couple shot, or baby shot

That’s all! Isn’t it easy? Watching the Samsung 2View camera video on this page might help you understand more quickly. The photos you upload will be posted onto its Photo Gallery. Just show off your impressive photos! Also, you can watch the other entries in it. Come see the nice photos!

Please note that this promotion is intended for the residents of the under-mentioned countries;

UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Iran, KSA, Lebanon, Jordon, Syria, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Pakistan

So if you are a resident of one of these countries, how about participating in this contest right now?

This promotion runs from April 6th to May 15th on Samsung Camera MENA’s Facebook page. To see more information and to join this event, please click here:

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