Thursday, April 7, 2011


Following is a long review of an SH100 camera from Samsung. Here is the link to the source:

01_SH100 - Wi-Fi

Welcome to the Wi-Fi World

Taking shots and transferring them. Connecting to SNS, typing in, and updating pictures. Look familiar? However, if it’s made by a camera, not by a smart phone, it’s totally different story. Samsung is famous for their various products from smart phones to IT home appliances. They have various products in their cameras such as hybrid and compact cameras. Last year, they already released the ST80 having the Wi-Fi. In 2011, they have just released a new Wi-Fi camera which will give us various experiences through the wireless communication with the copy ‘Smart Life’

Not just SNS and Email transfer function, the SH100 can backup pictures in a PC and interchange them with the other camera. At home, pictures and movies can be enjoyed with a large screen. A smart phone is used as a remote controller. 3” touch screen, intuitive icon and interface, 1/2.33” 14.2M pixels sensor, 720P HD movie recording, and 26-130mm optical 5x zoom lens. I’m talking about the SH100 which has been perfectly adapted to the wireless world.

Max. wide 26mm Max. telephoto 130mm

Max. wide 26mm Max. telephoto 130mm

Free Wi-Fi wireless Internet sharing function

The SH100 supports built-in Wi-Fi, so users don’t need to connect a cable where the wireless Internet is supported. Through the network, pictures and movies can be transferred. At the last page of the home screen, it provides web, email, PC auto backup, Allshare, and connection with the other camera. It can be used when the wireless Internet is provided.

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