Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Awaiting the Springtime: ST600

Following are pictures taken by a ST600 user.

A new year has begun with fresh resolutions. Here we go, the second month of the year, and my heart is already turning towards a new season. It’s yet freezing outside, but I got motivated to go out for a bike riding. Fortunately, I had a good whether with mild temperatures.

One of my new year’s resolutions is also related to physical activations, which are positively necessary to attain a good level of spiritual strength. People do shrink in the winter, and that deters them from a million of potentials, that could have been realized in the rebirthing spring season. I wish I could tide over all that excuses this year, and do exist like a livid moss, never awaiting a windfall, but a grip of brightness over the soil.

SAM_0545ST600 │ 1/350s │ f3.5 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80

SAM_0553ST600 │ 1/350s │ f3.5 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80

SAM_0556ST600 │ 1/250s │ f8.9 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80

The place where I rided a bike was composed of easy no-slope courses, surrounded by a long river and well conserved forest. I was accompanied by my future parents in law, Yvon and Katherine. We met a woman, by chance, whom they had known when they were in the middle school. Such a small world !

SAM_0583ST600 │ 1/750s │ f3.5 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80

SAM_0598ST600 │ 1/250s │ f4.5 │ 7.8mm │ ISO 80

SAM_0606ST600 │ 1/350s │ f5.0 │ 9.3mm │ ISO 80

SAM_0570ST600 │ 1/180s │ f3.5 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80

The path through a forest was almost autumnal like a painting in oil colors. The sky wasn’t that much clear, but the air was so smooth that I was practically confused into thinking that the October was coming out.

SAM_0609ST600 │ 1/250s │ f4.5 │ 7.8mm │ ISO 80

SAM_0610ST600 │ 1/500s │ f3.5 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80

After two hours’ riding, I felt myself as energetic as on a beach in the summer season. I hold up my head and the sky was bright when my respiration was starting to become regular.

Here is the link to the source: http://www.samsungimaging.net/2011/03/08/awaiting-the-springtime/

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