Thursday, March 31, 2011

Samsung ST700 Featured with Smart Touch 3.0

Following is a short review of an ST700 (2View) camera from Samsung. Unprecedented ST700, it is simply the best dual screen camera ever made. With easy self shot feature, the ST700 also includes a new Children mode that allows you to create your own animations. Plus, the Smart Access UI enables users to drag, click and control ‘app-style’ icons, easily flip through photos, and control a range of the camera’s features. Check out the other features!

ST700 Specifications -1.8″ Front LCD /5x optical zoom -Magic Frame/Magazine Album -Face Detect & Tracking -Smart Face Recognition -Smart Auto 2.0 (Movie& Still) -Smart Filter2.0 -Smart Album/Magazine Album -Beauty Shot -Built In SW (Intelli-Studio) -High Sensitivity ISO3200 (Full Size)

*Magic Frame(Still) si_yt_st700_1

*Smart Filter(Still) si_yt_st700_2

*Color Rangessi_yt_st700_4

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