Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Samsung NX11 Preview

Following is a review of NX11.


Samsung Evolution Camera, NX10 becoming one with i-Function Lens

Samsung has unveiled the new NX11 in CES2011 in Las Vegas in January. The NX11 has been designed based on the NX10, and supports 14.6M pixels APS-C image sensor, ISO 3200, 720P movie recording, and 30~1/4000s shutter speed which are almost the same as the NX10. Due to these features, people can easily think there's no difference, but taking a closer look, there are some differences from the NX10 such as i-Function lens functions, panorama, and sound capture mode. Besides, it has advanced noise handling feature in high ISO, so the overall quality of the pictures has also been upgraded. This much upgrade is good enough, I think.

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