Thursday, June 16, 2011

Canterbury town on weekend - Samsung EX1

Following are some images taken by Samsung EX1 camera.

Every weekend the town is always crowded with people who want to get out and catch some rays and enjoy their weekend. There are lots of children, teenagers, old couples, artists and tourists. They are at ease as they sit on a bench or at a café.

EX1_eu_01 EX1 │ 1/500s │ f4.4 │ 5mm │ ISO 80

EX1_eu_02 EX1 │ 1/90s │ f3.4 │ 5mm │ ISO 100

EX1_eu_03 EX1 │ 1/90s │ f3.4 │ 5mm │ ISO 100

EX1_eu_04 EX1 │ 1/90s │ f3.8 │ 9mm │ ISO 80

Canterbury has a cathedral which is one of the oldest and most famous Christian structures in England. Also, it is one of the best tourist attractions in Canterbury and many tourists come to see it. Everyday, in front of the entry, there are packs of tourists taking photos (just like me!) and looking at it in admiration. The tourists want to tour around the cathedral even though it has an expensive entry fee. It is free on Sunday evenings.

EX1_eu_05 EX1 │ 1/1000s │ f4.4 │ 5mm │ ISO 80

EX1_eu_06 EX1│ 1/1000s │ f4.6 │ 6mm │ ISO 80

If you get a chance to visit Canterbury, you can meet many artists such as musicians and painters. A couple of the boys are looking at the artists very curiously. Could it be possible to earn enough money for his job? I wonder…

EX1_eu_07 EX1│ 1/180s │ f4.3 │ 16mm │ ISO 80

Let’s see the other side of the city!

Almost every time the market is held in town. They sell fruit, pizza, souvenir especially I like flowers.

EX1_eu_08 EX1 │ 1/30s │ f2.3 │ 5mm │ ISO 200

Another special thing here in Canterbury is this cockeyed door building! This structure’s door looks like it is slightly leaning to one side, but it will be ok. It looks funny.

EX1_eu_09 EX1 │ 1/180s │ f3.4 │ 5mm │ ISO 80

Did you have fun with my Canterbury story? I hope you did. : )

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