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Let us look over the NX11.

Following is a review of NX11.

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Samsung NX11 Provides Different Modes for Your Convenience”, I mentioned three shooting modes: Lens Priority Mode, Panorama Mode, and Sound Capture mode.
Aanything else? Yes! There are more features added on the NX11 that we can look up today. What are those?

Let’s go over it together.

As you might know, the NX11 has the designed based on NX10 design. However, there are differences that are not obvious at first glance. Let me introduce to you the changes in this review:

1. i-Function Lens

2. Auto Focusing System
3. New Shooting Formats
4. Hand Grip

1. The incorporation of i-Function capability

Some of you may realize that the NX11 has an i-Function mode on the dial so you can set it up and take great photos without difficulties. The NX10 came out without i-Function mode when it was released, but then Samsung added an i-Function lens compatibility to the NX10 by the firmware upgrade.

The i-Function button on the new 18-55mm kit lens allows you to control the NX11 by scrolling through manual settings for shutter speed, aperture, EV, WB, and ISO, and using the focus ring to change the parameters for each setting.

For those who may not know about the i-Function mode, let me give you a few ideas:

*Automatic Scene Setting optimized to lens
*Instant Setting parameters at P/A/S/M mode
* Fast control with world’s first button + ring on the lens.

By the function, you can experience the easiest way to create spectacular images of the world around you!

2. An improved autofocusing system

The NX11 now has a faster AF than before. When we compared the speed with 18-55mm lens, it is shortened to 0.17 from 0.2 sec. It’s kind of tricky to judge the difference in speed without having two different cameras front of you, but the NX11 has the faster AF. Furthermore, it has a powerful autofocus system while videoing the NX has gained a loyal following.

3. New shooting formats

Samsung NX11 came out with a complete surprise: new shooting formats. The usual three resolutions of 3:2-ratio image and the users can choose to shoot either square (1:1; 2592×2592) or widescreen (16:9) shaped pictures. We can sometimes get great pleasure with simple changes such as taking photos with different formats.

4. The hand grip on the front of the body

It’s not obvious at first glance, but Samsung restyled the hand grip on the front of the body in order to use i-Function lens more properly. The new grip is indeed more comfortable so the users may take better pictures more easily.

So today, we talked about the NX11. Did it help??

Thank you for sparing your precious time to read the article. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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