Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NX11 Blogger Workshop: Street Art in Berlin

Following is a review of Samsung NX11 camera.

Samsung provided a special opportunity to enjoy all of the NX11 in all its glory to the photo bloggers in Berlin on April 8. It’s the street tour workshop for the bloggers to experience a lot of the functionalities the NX11 offers and for them to be inspired and motivated by touring Berlin’s streets and awesome places. They had a good time at this workshop to a get-together in a stylish restaurant.

The NX11 blogger workshop held in the city of culture and art! Shall we go?

Welcome and product presentation

PR manager Katja Meincke gave a welcoming speech and the product manager Achim Obermüller gave a product presentation in the Lux11 penthouse in the middle of Berlin. Looking at the picture below, can you feel how individuals were concentrating on the presentation?


The street photo tour in Berlin

After Samsung distributed test samples and everyone had hands-on time with the NX11, the guided photo tour began. The guided photo tour is for testing and showing off the advantages of the NX11. They went on the street photo tour to Café Intimes, Theaterkapelle, RAW-Tempel, Gärtnerstrasse and Café Kaufbar, and they began to take artistic pictures including ones that displayed their own individuality and creativity.




Bloggers’ photographs

Everyone became familiar with the fact that Berlin has hidden stunning places here and there. Feel this city through these fabulous photos of Berlin taken with the NX11 below.

G-Simone (2)




Follow-up and get-together

They carried out follow-up work at Café Kaufbar and then they had a great dinner at Sage Restaurant where they are known for its first-class cuisine and the special atmosphere by setting the artful interior and lighting design. It was the perfect place to exchange views on the NX11 in a relaxed atmosphere.



Great opportunity to experience the NX11

Samsung received enthusiastic feedbacks from those who experienced this workshop. They left warm thank-you notes. Below are some of the notes that were left:

Michael Kirchner : Once more I would like to say thank you for the felicitous NX11 workshop. I’m curious to test the NX11 during the next weeks.

Oliver Schäf : Thank you for the great opportunity! Generally speaking, I’m positively surprised by the NX11.

Steffen Göthling : Now I’m using the NX11 regularly and my little daughter fell in love with it as well!

Through this street art tour in Berlin, Samsung could get a good opportunity to place Samsung’s key messages and to introduce Samsung as one of the leading digital camera companies to social media. Moreover, it was a great time to meet the key online influencers and to establish good relationships with them.

Here is the link to the source: http://www.samsungimaging.net/2011/06/07/nx11-blogger-workshop-street-art-in-berlin/

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