Monday, June 13, 2011

Samsung 2View’s New Facebook App: Change Your World

Following is a review of ST700 dual LCD camera.

Did you notice any changes to the Samsung 2View Facebook menu? A new application has been added! Ta-da! ‘Change Your World.’

This application allows users to virtually go around the world and visit famous destinations using an avatar of your face. Using the 2View camera, you can capture fun and fabulous moments! Whether you are in the city, at the beach, at a stadium, in the jungle or at the circus, you can try out the 2View’s distinctive features such as self-shot, jump shot, children mode, and self timer. With you own avatar, ‘Change Your World!’ doubles the fun and doubles the 2View function of the front LCD!
Now, let’s take a closer look at how to use ‘Change Your World.’

1. Select gender

Click on ‘Enter’ under the ‘Change Your World’ picture and you will be taken to a page where you select your gender. your gender or choose the opposite gender for a funny outcome!


2. Create your avatar

Once you have selected your gender, you are ready to create your avatar. You can either take a picture using a webcam or you can upload one from your PC or Facebook (file should be smaller than 500KB). You can adjust the angle, size, location, color, and brightness of the picture.


3. 2View world tour

Now you are all set to go on a tour of the 2View world in a host of different backgrounds: the city, beach, stadium, jungle, and circus. Different poses and situations will make you burst into laughter! You can also find information on self-shot, jump shot, children mode, and self-timer on the lower right hand side, so be sure to check it out!


4. Photo sharing

Once the 2View world tour is over, the pictures you have taken will appear in a photo album. Click on the Facebook icon to upload your pictures and slides to your wall so you can share them with your friends and families! If not, you can simply store it on your hard drive.

I strongly encourage you to try out the functions yourself rather than reading the manual. ‘Like’ Samsung 2View Facebook page and go explore ‘Change Your World’ to enjoy the 2View functions and fun to the fullest!

Enter 2View World:


And of course, the description on the new ST700 series… For more information on its specifications and functions, click on the following link: ST700 / ST700 micro site

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