Monday, June 20, 2011

NX battery grip-making story from NX user

Following is an instruction to changing the body of NX10.

Today, I want to make a battery grip for the Samsung NX10. The NX10 is smaller than the average DSLR. Being smaller means that the components are packed closer together, which implies the work isn’t going to be easy.

NXbatterygrip_01 To get a feel for the basic camera structure, I first opened up the back cover – no need to open the front cover.

NXbatterygrip_02 A cable is connected to the shutter signal. The red line connects to the shutter and the white line to the half-shutter.

NXbatterygrip_03I connected the pulled out line to the connection point inside.

NXbatterygrip_04 The recommended size of the lock-in dial is 5mm body width (from the knot) and chase to allow for easier rotation. Make sure the bolt doesn’t become too long.

NXbatterygrip_05 On the side that touches the camera, I attached a knot to hold the lock-in dial. Only attaching the knot can break easily, so I pasted steel on each side to hold it up.

NXbatterygrip_06 I made the components one by one.

NXbatterygrip_07 These are the major parts.

NXbatterygrip_08 I assembled the parts and made the rough shape using sandpaper. I attached it to the camera and reminded myself of the detailed production plan.

NXbatterygrip_09 The battery holder is designed separately.

NXbatterygrip_10 This is the bottom side of the battery grip. You can see where the straps will be connected to.

NXbatterygrip_11 I colored the grip and checked the location of where the battery will go.

NXbatterygrip_12 After assembling the switch, I attached a leather sheet to the handle. Done!


NXbatterygrip_14 This is how it looks attached to the camera.

NXbatterygrip_15 A message I have for the readers is: “Don’t hesitate deciding whether to do one thing or not. Enjoy making it, whatever it may be.” Because whatever it may be, it will be the one and only thing in the world.

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