Sunday, December 12, 2010

Clay house author’s Talk & Event notification

Here is an interview with the author of ClayHouse.

Samsungimaging blog meets our favourite author, 25plan. He has been visiting us with clay toy and its making video since 1 year ago.

So we, samsungimaging arrange a time to know more about 25plan. So let’s hear him out!

Below is the Interview video with 25plan.

Q. How did you start making clay toy?

A.I have been working with clay since I was young. I like the texture of the clay and how it feels when I put it against my skin.

Ultimately,my long time hobby became a job that I now do for a living.

Q. what is your major studying in university?

A. Regardless of my love for clay art, I studied ‘Industrial Design’ at the university.

Q. How did you start ‘Clay House’?

A. I had many thoughts debating whether to keep clay art as a hobby or not. It was not easy to keep my first thought on keeping clay art as a hobby when I started out. Many of my friends who enjoy working with clay art were leaving during that time.

One day by chance, I went on a trip to Japan where I met Japanese people who love handicrafts and where I was able to marvel at their skills. At that very moment,I realized that I should continue to keep up my skills and make more beautiful clay arts. I have a plan to inherit my art skills in the end.

Q. What is an attractive quality of clay compared to other materials?

A. Clay does not harden easily.It’s very soft like our skin and it has a variety of different colors I can mix together to make other colors.

Q. What is an unattractive quality of clay?

A.Because it is too soft and does not harden easily, it is not easy to deliver and sell outside.

Q. What is one word I would use to complete the sentence below?

A.Clay house is fun!

Q. What can I say to those who like to make clay art but feel difficulty in it sometimes.

A. Like the saying, ‘the beginning is half of the whole,’ once you feel like making a clay toy, you are almost done, so just have a lot of fun making clay toys! If you often do that and remind yourself of the saying when it gets difficult, you are going to become expert one day.

How was meeting with 25plan?

If you want to know more about 25plan’s work, go to

Before you meet the next clay house on blog 23, we are going to make an announcement.

We, samsungimaging is happy to celebrate upcoming Christmas and New year with you.And We have been appreciating more than enough for you that visit us!

So we have arranged an event for you to enjoy!

Our first event is going to start on 13th Dec ’10.

You can check more details below. Then, see you on 13th Dec ’10 on Clay house blog 23!


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