Friday, December 17, 2010

SAMSUNG HMX-S16 review

Following is a review of Samsung HMX-S16 full HD camcorder.

Full HD Camcorder Samsung HMX-S16

Samsung Full HD Camcorder HMX-S16 which was shown at CES2010 on January has finally been released. It got attention from a lot of people because of it has Full HD, High zoom, touch display, and WiFi. WiFi means a lot. Without any equipment installed or complicated procedures, it’s possible to watch TV in real time and transfer files to a TV or computer at home. Given that camcorders used just for recording and shooting, the new usage for WiFi is so incredible. (WiFi function is only supported in a few countries.)


The difference among the HMX-S16, S15, and S10 is the memory size and WiFi function, but other specifications are the same.
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