Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Samsung Interchangeable lens mirrorless camera NX10 and i-Function 20mm F2.8 single lens

Here is a long review of Samsung NX10 with i-Function.

After the small, light interchangeable lens mirrorless camera NX10 and NX5, the NX100 got an attention with the very interesting i-Function.

When using a DSLR camera, there are a lot of things to be done by a right hand, but a left hand is used to keep the camera from shaking.

Therefore, the right hand needs to do a lot of things including the operations for menu, shutter, and stable grip.

That’s why the i-Function lens allows the right hand to just hold the camera and push the shutter by making some functions through the lens, I think.



As the 18-55mm standard zoom lens user, the 20mm single lens with a new function made me want to use it.

However, I was worried that the i-Function lens released with the NX100 which is the next model of the NX10 can be used with the NX10. Samsung has released new firmware to address this. Of course, their purpose is to sell the new lenses, but I’m actually happy that Samsung allows the user of the previous model to use the new lenses. You can understand that easily if you compare this to other Japanese camera makers.


Before looking at the 20mm single lens, let’s take a look at the new firmware.



Compared with the previous firmware, 2 menus have been added in the new version 1.20.


One is for the external GPS function in No.4 menu, and the other is for i-Function in No.5 menu. When looking at the space below in No.4 and 5 menus, it makes me hope there will be more functions later.


<Lens i-Function> includes WB and ISO On/Off menu and <Distortion Correct> includes On/Off menu in a standard lens, but when it comes to a single lens, it’s set to On.


For your information, if you use the Ver. 1.05 or lower, you’d better update it to the Ver. 1.15, and then upgrade it again to the Ver. 1.20 firmware for more stable i-Function.





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