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Filled with endless laughter, the behind-the-scene stories of the Q10 episodes

Here is the behind-the-story of Q10.


Do you remember the four videos- Birthday Party, Stadium, Cooking, and Giving Birth- that succinctly illustrated the unique ‘switch grip’ function of the HMX-Q10? (click here!) The different settings of the four videos were perfect occasions to test the performance of the camcorder. Behind each video, created to enhance understanding of the product, contains fun moments! Let’s take a closer look!



We flew to Hollywood to meet up with the finalists of the first audition deemed best fit with each episode. The actors, whom we met at the audition, were so gifted in their acting and displayed perfect teamwork. Especially, while auditioning for the main role for ‘The Fan’, one of the production crews helped out because we needed a supporting actor. The two made such a perfect match that the crew member was casted on site! Who would have thought?

Ep1. Cute Kate is in love with the Q10!


Kate, who was the main actress for the first episode, enjoyed the time as if she was having her own real birthday party, and made other people feel happy as well. We chose the backyard of a townhouse near LA as the venue for the party.

This is how the house looks before and after the party setting.


Gift boxes and balloons helped create a real birthday party feel! :)


Kate, her sister, her mother, her friends and parents of Kate’s friends acted so well that it was difficult to tell if this was a produced scene or a real-life event. The guests picked up candies of their choice when the piñata Kate hit cracked open.

Ep2. Actual cooking for a real-life touch!


It is shooting time for easy cooking with a food stylist and a chef! The main actor had worked as a chef in a Japanese restaurant before, so he was quick to catch the story and the skills. The chef and the food stylist are going over the movements and cooking methods to make it seem natural and realistic.


Cooking utensils and food ingredients ready for shooting.

We recorded the actor with the Q10 in his hands and cautiously monitored him using the screen prepared in the back. Much respect to the staff for sparing no expense to capture better scenes!

Ep3. Knoa&Ray staging top class acting on the bleachers!


This is East Los Angeles College! This is where the movie “Forrest Gump” was shot. Although we rented the whole stadium, we only needed to use a part of the bleacher.


The main actor, Knoa, was joined by Ray, who was hired on the spot due to his impressive acting skills. Check out the funny video!

Ep4. Delivery room is full of laughter!


Because the schedule demanded that the shooting for the delivery room scene take place with the fan in episode two, we transformed the classroom next to the stadium into an OB/GYN. Because we were filming the birth scene, the actors and actresses put on ‘Hollywood action’ by leaving those who were having a hard time trying not to burst into laughter.


A moment when the director’s brilliant idea shined: a windbreaker turned into a baby appeared from nowhere (it wasn’t even in the scenario!) :D. The “baby” made the mother burst into laughter, interrupting the shooting for a while.


Several members must have gone home with a sore throat due to their really serious acting, which meant a lot of shouting and screaming.


The actors, actresses, creative director and art director of the project in a souvenir shot.

Why not check out the original video to bring life to the behind-the-scene stories? You can also enjoy the passionate acting of the actors in an effort to help consumers better understand the product. Thank you for listening to the dynamic stories of the Q10!

Samsung has launched the microsite of the HMX-Q10, a Switch Grip Camcorder, which allow you to experience the detail features of Q10 such as Switch Grip and Smart touch.

Click here to visit Samsung HMX-Q10’s microsite.


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