Thursday, June 2, 2011

New and distinctive features of the newly launched 2View cameras

Following is a review of 2View cameras from Samsung.

Hi! It’s So-Young again!
We are in full spring mode now with much warmer weather and blossoming flowers. How are you all enjoying the spring weather? It’s a good time to go outside with your family or a date. I hope you make lasting memories this spring.

As if to celebrate the coming of spring, Samsung has launched new 2View cameras: the PL120, PL170, and ST700. The actual launch timing may vary by region. The new products are armed with cool new functions on top of the front LCD, a key differentiator of 2View cameras. For those who are curious to learn about the new features and differences by model, I will go over those today.

For more detailed specifications of each camera, click on the link below.
Specifications of the PL120
Specifications of the PL170
Specifications of the ST700

1. Magic Frame

One of the key differences of the ST700, PL170, and PL120 models compared to the ones released last year would definitely be the Magic Frame function. Using the 12 special background frameworks, you can come up with unique photos effects such as Wall Art, Old Film, Ripple, Full Moon, Old Record, Magazine, Sunny Day, Classic TV, Yesterday, Holiday, and Billboard 1,2. Just like the ones above! These functions will definitely spice up your photos!

2. Smart Filter

The ST600 and ST100 offered six Smart Filter functions: Miniature, Vignetting, Fish-eye filter 1 & 2, Sketch, and Defog. The ST700, PL170, and PL120 models offer additional functions: Old Film 1 & 2, Soft Focus, Half Tone Dot, Classic, Retro, and Negative Filter. With such a wide variety of Smart Filter choices in your hands, you will be able to produce expert-like photos.

3. Touch Screen

The back LCD displays for the ST700, ST600, and ST100 is touch display, just like a smartphone. For those used to using a touchscreen, I recommend the ST series. Meanwhile, the new PL170 and PL120 come with a main display of 3.0 inch and 2.7 inch respectively, with buttons on the right side for control. So, pick and chose a stylish compact camera of your taste to capture portraits of daily events as well as splendid and grand landscapes!

I hope my posting helped to answer some of your questions on the new 2View cameras.

You can also visit the 2View Facebook page for sample photos and photos taken using the Magic Frame and Smart Filter in the photo album and wall.

You can also share your own photos taken with the 2View camera, so make sure to visit, look around, and share your story!

That’s it for today. Until the next 2View class, bye bye!

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